.ob! ファイルの拡張子

1 の私たちのデーターベースでのオススメのファイルの拡張子は.ob!

icon Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download (Misc Files)

OB! is the file format used to describe files that are not completed files downloaded with the program Orbit Downloader, these files as is the case with... [さらなる情報]



icon .torrent - Torrent (Misc Files)

TORRENT is the file format used to describe files that store Meta data for Bit Torrents, these are usually the URL to multiple trackers and data regarding... [さらなる情報]

icon .crdownload - Google Chrome Temporary File (Misc Files)

Google Chrome uses the extension .crdownload when it downloads programs and the download has not been completed, this is similar to the PART files used by... [さらなる情報]

icon .part - Part (Misc Files)

PART or Partially Downloaded File are usually created when programs that manage downloads have not completely download the file. For all intents and... [さらなる情報]

icon .eml - Email Message File (Misc Files)

EML is the file format used to describe a saved email message created with Outlook Express or Outlook, it can contain links and attachments. [さらなる情報]

icon .sis - Symbian Installation File (Misc Files)

Symbian OS is a open source operating system used usually on Smart phones. Symbian OS only runs on ARM processors and is usually found on mobile telephones... [さらなる情報]