.pdo ファイルの拡張子

1 の私たちのデーターベースでのオススメのファイルの拡張子は.pdo

icon Paper Craft Pattern File (Layout Files)

PDO files are Paper Craft Pattern Files which are used to create models out of heavy paper. These files have the .pdo file extension which was developed by... [さらなる情報]



icon .prn - Printable File (Layout Files)

When printing a document or graphic the printer needs to be told how it is supposed to the print the job. To do this the printer drives creates a file that... [さらなる情報]

icon .mdi - Microsoft Office Document Imaging File (Layout Files)

MDI is the file format used to describe scanned files saved in Microsoft Office [さらなる情報]

icon .ind - Adobe InDesign Document File (Layout Files)

Adobe inDesign is a professional Layout program for both print and digital publishing with many built in tools to achieve this. The software can be used to... [さらなる情報]

icon .xps - XML Paper Specification File (Layout Files)

XPS is an alternative to Adobe´s PDF format and is a XML paper specification which is used for printing in Microsofts Windows by the Windows Printing... [さらなる情報]

icon .pmd - Adobe Pagemaker Document File (Layout Files)

Adobe Pagemaker is a desktop publishing and layout program that is used for creating publications for business, education as well as small and home office.... [さらなる情報]