Sony Ericsson PC Suite

Descrição do Programa

The Sony Ericsson PC Suite consists of:

    * Synchronization Studio – Automatically sync contacts and calendar on phone and computer in order to always stay updated on both devices.
    * Backup and Restore Studio – Create safety backup of your phone content and restore in case your phone is lost or damaged.
    * Internet Connection Studio – One-click connection of your computer to the Internet via your phone. Connect to the Internet – wherever you are.
    * Messaging Studios – Store, create and send messages to your friends from your computer.
    * File browser Studio – Browse and exchange files between your phone and your computer.
    * Editors – Store, edit and manage your phone contacts and calendar on your computer.
    * Software update – As soon as new software is available for your phone and when you are connected to the PC via a USB cable a wizard appears and suggests that you use the application to perform the phone software update.
    * Connect your phone using USB cable, Bluetooth or Infrared.

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