Operating System

Описание программы

The operating system supports the type of format out of the box and whilst it is possible to use third party programs the files in question can be opened by built in applications.

Поддерживаемые Типы Файлов

icon .sys - System File - Системный файл (Системные файлы)

Любые операционные системы используют особые файлы для включения нужной... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .deskthemepack - Windows 8 Theme Pack Files (Системные файлы)

Files with the Deskthemepack file extension are files used by Windows 8 for themes used on the Desktop, these files contain Wallpaper, cursors and sounds... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .ex_ - Сжатый выполняемый файл - Compressed Executable File (Исполняемые файлы)

EX_ - это формат файла, используемый для описания сжатого выполняемого файла, часто... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .patch - Patch File (Исполняемые файлы)

A patch is used to update a program or game or fix problems that may be present, patches are usually distributed as executable files, the file extension... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .key - Keyboard Definition File - Файл определений клавиатуры (Файлы настроек)

KEY - это формат файла, используемый для описания режимных файлов для файлов... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .trashes - Google Android Mobile Phone File (Прочие файлы)

Google Android is a operating system for mobile telephones, this was originally developed by Android Inc. but was taken over by Google in 2005. The kernel... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .efi - Extensible Firmware Interface File (Системные файлы)

Most computers use BIOS a form of firmware that is used as an interface between the operating system and the hardware due to limitations in BIOS especially... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .cnf - Configuration File (Файлы настроек)

Used on both Internet and Local Area Networks Telnet is a protocol that allows bidirectional text oriented communication through the use of virtual terminal... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .index - Index File (Прочие файлы)

Index files are files that are used to manage the files on your computer by searching and Cataloging the files so that they can be found quickly and easily.... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .regtrans-ms - Windows Registry Recovery Files (Резервные копии)

Files found on your computer that make use of the .regrtrans-ms file extension are files created when changes are made to the computers registry and are... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .upd - Update File (Системные файлы)

Computer software or operating systems are often updated to fix bugs or simply keep them up to date, often when a program is updated you will find a file on... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .spl - Microsoft Windows Spool File (Прочие файлы)

When you print a document for example from your computer it will be sent to a spool file which is created by the print spooler which manages the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .ndif - New Disk Image File (Файлы образа диска)

The New Disk Image Format also known as NDIF is a new packaging that is used by Disk Copy 6.1 on Apple Mac OS operating systems. The images which use the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .chm - Windows Help File (Текстовые файлы)

Many programs use .chm files for there Help files, these you can tell because the icon shown for the file is usually a document with a yellow question mark... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .bndl - Bundle File (Системные файлы)

Files that use the bndl file extension are usually Bundle files that are used by Mac OS X for plugins and add ons to the operating system. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .gsf - Ghost Script Font File (Файлы со шрифтами)

Files with the GSF file extension are Ghost script font files found on UNIX systems. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .sfc - System File Checker File (Системные файлы)

Older Microsoft Windows operating systems made use of check files these had the .sfc file extension and were created by the system file checker utility... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .image - Disk Copy Image File (Файлы образа диска)

On Apples Macintosh computers a utility called Disk Copy was used for managing and handling disk images, the file extension used by this is .image, this... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .trashinfo - Trashcan Metadata File (Системные файлы)

Files that use the .trashinfo file extension are metadat files which contain information to the contents of the Trashcan on your computer, this can be used... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .unknown - Unknown File (Прочие файлы)

Files that have the UNKNOWN file extension are files that have no known file extension. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .drv - Device Driver File (Системные файлы)

Drivers are programs that tell the hardware on your computer how to interact with the operating system and commonly use the extension DRV. Drivers are used... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .job - Windows Task Scheduler Job File (Системные файлы)

Files with the .job file extension are scheduled tasks created and used by the Windows Task Scheduler, this is a part of Windows operating system which runs... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .nls - National Language Support File (Прочие файлы)

Files that have the .nls file extension are National Language Support files, these are used by a variety of programs and developers with regards to the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .diskdefines - Live CD Information File (Системные файлы)

Live CD´s are often used for running operating systems such as Linux directly from disc allowing the user to test the operating system without having to... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .pnf - Precompiled Setup Information (Системные файлы)

If a file with the .pnf file extension is not found during a setup then one is created, these file are Precompiled Setup Information files and are used to... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .wer - Microsoft Windows Error Report File (Системные файлы)

Many applications create error reports when a problem occurs and the program stops working correctly in the case of applications that run in Microsoft... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .x - DirectX Object File (Файлы 3D графики)

DirectX which is developed by Microsoft is a series of API´s that are used for games and multimedia, 3D objects which are loaded by DirectX have the .x... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .sif - Setup Installation File (Файлы настроек)

the file extension .sif which is a Setup Installation File are files that are used when installing the operating system Windows NT. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .com - DOS Command File (Системные файлы)

Files that use the .com file extension are command files used by DOS. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .rsc - Compiled Resource File (Файлы настроек)

Symbian OS is a mobile telephone operating system usually found on mobile telephones from Nokia and Sony Eriksson. Files used by the operating system with... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .crash - Mac OS X Crash Log File (Системные файлы)

Files that use the .crash file extension are usually found on Apple Macintosh computers and are log files created by crashes on the computer. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .oem - TextSetup OEM File (Файлы настроек)

OEM files are usually files used during the installation of a operating system to install device drivers etc, these files have the file extension .oem. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .file - AS/400 Physical File (Системные файлы)

Files with the File file extension are files used by IBM AS/400 systems. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .propdesc - Installation Package Property Description File (Прочие файлы)

Files that have the .propdesc file extension are property description files that are used by Microsoft for installation packages. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .cmd - Command Prompt File (Исполняемые файлы)

the CMD file extension is a Windows Command Prompt file used to run the Command Line Interprator on Windows NT, OS2 and Windows CE based operating systems. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .rsrc - Mac OS Resource Fork File (Системные файлы)

A resource fork which is known by the rsrc file extension is an improvement to the Mac OS operating system which made it possible to separate graphics and... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .mof - MSInfo File (Системные файлы)

The system information utility used by various windows operating system is a program called MSInfo, the program lists a variety of things such as the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .dream - Microsoft DreamScene File (Системные файлы)

Windows Vista Ultimate was able to display animated desktops using DreamScene which was a tool available as a Windows Vista Ultimate extra, these files use... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .vxd - Virtual Device Driver File (Системные файлы)

VXD files are virtual device drivers, these are usually part of Microsoft´s Windows operating systems. These files can be used by a number of programs and... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .zfsendtotarget - Compressed Folder File (Архивные файлы)

In Microsoft Windows there is a command in the send to context menu that appears when you click on the right hand mouse button, one of the entries in the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .pax - Pax Archive File (Архивные файлы)

Pax is an archiving utility for Linux and Unix operating systems this format has been a standard since 2001 but is still not widely used. File archives... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .game - Apple Chess Save Game File (Игровые файлы)

Apple Chess is a chess game developed for the Mac OS X operating system, save game files used by the program have the .game file extension. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .ovr - Microsoft Overlay File (Системные файлы)

When DOS was in use as one of the main operating systems there were files used when the source code was to big to fit in the 640KB memory these files are... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .nt - Windows NT Install Final (Системные файлы)

Files that have the .nt file extension are files used by the operating systems Windows NT/2000 and XP, these files are used during the installtion. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .blf - Windows Registry Recovery File (Системные файлы)

Files with the .blf file extension are used by Windows Vista and Windows Seven as a backup file when changes are made to the registry. When changes are made... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .shd - Microsoft Windows Shadow File (Прочие файлы)

When you print a document for example from your computer it will be sent to a spool file which is created by the print spooler which manages the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .sha - Shell Archive File (Архивные файлы)

On computers with the UNIX operating system system an archive format is used, this is a shell script that creates a self extracting file, these files have... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .dex - Dalvik File (Исполняемые файлы)

Files with the DEX file association are files used by the Dalvik Virtual machine that is part of the Android operating system. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .scf - Command Shell File (Системные файлы)

Files with the file extension .scf are used by the command shell of Windows especially earlier versions such as Windows XP [Дополнительная Информация]