Autodesk 3ds Max

Описание программы

Autodesk 3ds Max, is a modeling, animation and rendering package.


Поддерживаемые Типы Файлов

icon .3ds - 3D Studio Max Меш-Файл (Файлы 3D графики)

Autodesk 3ds Max является профессиональной программой 3D-моделирования и рендеринга,... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .igs - International Graphics Exchange Specification File (Файлы системы автоматизированного программирования CAD)

The International Graphics Exchange Specification is a file format that was created for the exchange of information between CAD programs using a neutral... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .max - 3D Studio MAX Scene File (Файлы 3D графики)

3ds Max is a program is a modelling, animation and rendering program from the company Autodesk, these files use the extension .max These files are used to... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .wrl - Virtual Reality Modeling Language World File (Файлы 3D графики)

Virtual Reality Modelling Language which is also known as VRML is a file format that is used to explain 3D worlds and interactive objects that are contained... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .mcr - 3D Studio Max Macroscript File (Файлы 3D графики)

Scripts that are designed for Autodesks 3D Studio Max program and run as plugins use the file extension .mcr and are known as Macroscripts. When a script is... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .fig - 3ds Max Figure File (Файлы 3D графики)

Figure files used by 3ds Max are files that store information required for two legged or biped figures, these file use the .fig file extension. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .col - Autodesk Colour Palette File (Файлы 3D графики)

A colour palette is a collection of colours that are used in computer graphics for the management of colours, programs from Autodesk Inc. who develop... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .mzp - Maxscript Compressed File (Файлы 3D графики)

Compressed files used by MaxScript the scripting language used by Autodesks 3ds Max have the mzp file extension, it is possible to open these files using... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .dlm - 3ds Max File (Файлы 3D графики)

The 3D modeling program 3ds Max from Autodesk, Inc. uses files with the .dlm file extension. [Дополнительная Информация]