Описание программы

CorelDRAW is the name of a vector graphics editing program and for a suite of graphical programs, that consists of the following programs.

  » CorelDRAW® X5

  » Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ X5

  » Corel® PowerTRACE™ X5

  » Corel CAPTURE™ X5

  » Corel® CONNECT™

  » CorelDRAW® ConceptShare™


Поддерживаемые Типы Файлов

icon .cdr - Файл изображений CorelDRAW (Файлы растровой графики)

CDR - это формат файлов, используемый для описания графического изображения, обычно... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .tif - Tagged Image File (Файлы растровой графики)

TIF is the file format used to describe graphic files that store´s high quality images, these can be lossless due to no compression being used or lossy due... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .jpeg - JPEG Image File (Файлы растровой графики)

JPEG is the file format used to describe graphic files that have been saved in the lossy compressed format created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .bmp - BMP File Format (Файлы растровой графики)

BMP is the file format used to describe raster image files that ared used for storing bitmap files on Windows and other operating systems [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .cdx - CorelDraw Compressed Image File (Файлы растровой графики)

CorelDraw is a graphics suite from the Corel Corporation. The program was first released in 1989 and supported the Microsoft windows operating system, there... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .cdt - CorelDraw Template File (Файлы настроек)

Templates used by the Graphic Suite Corel Draw use the extension .cdt to identify the template files. By using templates the user can create documents etc.... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .cpt - Corel Photo-Paint Image File (Файлы растровой графики)

Corel Photo-Paint is a graphic program that is used to create and edit raster graphics, it was introduced in 1992 by the Corel Corporation. Images that are... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .flt - Aldus Import Filter File (Прочие файлы)

If you have a file on your computer that uses the .flt file extension you will find that it is a Aldus Import Filter originally developed by the Aldus... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .svgz - Compressed Scaleable Graphic File (Файлы растровой графики)

Files that have the .svgz file extension are scaleable vector graphic files which have been compressed. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .ds - Twain Data Source File (Прочие файлы)

Twain is a standard that is used by devices for acquiring images such as scanners, this was originally started in 1992 as an initiative and is sued for the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .wmf - Windows Metafile File (Файлы растровой графики)

In the 1990´s a file format for graphics was developed called windows metafile, this was developed to make it possible for vector and bitmap graphics to be... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .ttf - TrueType Font (Файлы со шрифтами)

TrueType Fonts were developed originally by Apple to compete with the Type1 fonts used in Postscript, today they are the most common font type found on both... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .abk - CorelDraw Automatic Backup File (Резервные копии)

CorelDraw is graphics editor for vector based images, to prevent the loss of data when using the program automatic backups are made, these backup files use... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .sha - CorelDraw Shader File (Файлы растровой графики)

CorelDraw is a vector graphics editing program and a Graphic Suite from the Corel Corporation of Canada. Shading is used to give objects a more realistic... [Дополнительная Информация]