Adobe Director

Описание программы

Adobe Director is a program used to create multimedia movies for use on disc or web using Adobes Shockwave format.


Поддерживаемые Типы Файлов

icon .dcr - Файл Шоквейв (Веб файлы)

DSRDCR - это формат файла, используемый для описания мультимедийных файлов для... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .dxr - Adobe Director Movie File (Видео файлы)

Adobe Director is a program that is used for the creation of multimedia projects such as CD ROM and Web content etc. Movies that have been created using the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .dir - Adobe Director Movie File (Видео файлы)

DIR is the file format used to describe files that have been created with Adobe Director, these files are usually projects and contain all the information... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .cxt - Protected Cast Member File (Файлы документов)

Macromedia Director is a program from Adobe Systems used for multimedia authoring of Shockwave content. The media that is being added to the movie is known... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .x32 - Adobe Xtra File (Файлы 3D графики)

IN 2005 Adobe Systems purchased the company Macromedia who had developed the programs Dreamweaver and Flash. So that these programs can be correctly updated... [Дополнительная Информация]