.trp File Extension

2 recommended file type found in our database for .trp extension:

icon High Definition Video Transport Stream File (Encoded Files)

Files that have the .trp file extension are files used for High Definition Transport Streams, these use H.264 video encoding and AC3 audio encoding. [More Information]

icon Topocad Road Profile File (Geographical Files)

Adtolla SE which was formally known as Chaos Systems is a software developer which develops software used in Data Coordination, Drawing and Document... [More Information]

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Related File Extensions

icon .enc - Encoded File (Encoded Files)

Enc is the file format used to describe encoded files used by various programs so that the file cannot be opened by users who have no authorization. [More Information]

icon .dlc - JDownloader download link container (Encoded Files)

DLC is the file format used to describe files used by the download manager program JDownloader which is used to simplifies the downloading from one click... [More Information]

icon .hqx - Macintosh BinHex Encoded File (Encoded Files)

Binary to hexadecimal or BinHex is a process that transforms Binary files to BinHex so that they can be transmitted over the Internet as ASCII files. This... [More Information]