Word Pro

Program Açıklaması

IBM Word Pro is a word processor software from IBM, the program was originally known as Samna Ami Pro when this company was bought out by Lotus the program was know as Lotus Ami Pro then Lotus Word Pro.



Desteklenen Dosya Türleri

icon .sam - Ami Pro Document File (Metin Dosyaları)

The program AmiPro was one of the earliest programs to be used for word processing and this was in a DOS environment, later version worked under Windows.... [Daha Fazla Bilgi]

icon .dic - Dictionary File (Metin Dosyaları)

Dictionary´s are usually lists of words with definitions for them and often includes the correct way to pronounce the word. Many programs that work with... [Daha Fazla Bilgi]

icon .lwp - IBM Word Pro Document File (Dokümanlar)

Lotus Word Pro is a word processor that is a part of IBM´s Smartsuite, it was originally based on the Ami Pro word processor which Lotus acquired after... [Daha Fazla Bilgi]