.loc ファイルの拡張子

1 の私たちのデーターベースでのオススメのファイルの拡張子は.loc

icon MicroSim Report File (テキスト ファイル)

MicroSim PC Boards is a software used for designing the layout of PCBoards. Report files created by it make use of the .loc file extension. [さらなる情報]



icon .pdf - Portable Document Format (テキスト ファイル)

The PDF format was created around 17 years ago by Adobe Systems and has become an global standard for capturing and reviewing information from many... [さらなる情報]

icon .docx - Microsoft Word Open XML Document (テキスト ファイル)

Docx files appear to the user as a single file but are in fact a collection of the files needed for the document that have been archived. The docx format... [さらなる情報]

icon .fb2 - FictionBook 2.0 File (テキスト ファイル)

FB2 is the format used to describe files used for reading electronic books and is xml based. [さらなる情報]

icon .srt - Subtitle File (テキスト ファイル)

Subtitle files that are used for DVDs or Video usually use the file extension SRT. These files contain plain text which is formatted, for Time the format of... [さらなる情報]

icon .epub - Open Electronic Book File (テキスト ファイル)

EPUB is the file format used to describe files for Electronic Books saved in this format, these files are xml based and can be used on both Hardware and... [さらなる情報]