2 Dimensional Data Array Files

Расширение Файла:.2da
Разработчик:BioWare Corp.
Updated:2011-04-24 10:23:12


Files used by games using the BioWare Aurora Engine that have the file extension .2da are 2 Dimensional Data Array Files, these files have many functions and are usually crucial for the game to work correctly. The file is a text file that is structured to a set of rules.

2dafiles have a main body that consists of table containing rows and columns of data which are known as entries, these entries are either text, integer or floating point values.

Some of the main parts of the 2da file are.

  » Whitespace separating columns

  » First column

  » Column names

  » Data types

  » Blank (****) entries

  » StrRefs

The file layout consists of.

  » Line 1 - file format version

  » Line 2 - blank or optional default

  » Line 3 - column names

  » Lines 4 to infinity - row data

Программы, которые открывают такой тип файла

  » Neverwinter Nights

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