Visual C# Source File

Расширение Файла:.cs
Updated:2010-11-24 20:51:39


CS files are source code files that have been made with Visual C#.Net.

This program is used to create web applications using C# a program language that run using the .NET framework, which is derived from the C programming language.

The code is normally written using Microsofts Visual Studio program.

The commands used in C# are case sensitive and through this the case used determines the commands, these can include.

  » Identifier

  » Keyword

  » Variable

The types of programs that cam be made include.

  » Console Applications

  » GUI Applications

  » Libraries of types

The C# compiler which is found in the Framework SDK folder is called csc.exe and this creates the .cs file.

Программы, которые открывают такой тип файла

  » Microsoft Visual Studio