File is opened or used by a hardware device

Описание программы

The file is not supposed to be opened by the user and is used by the hardware device that supports the file.

1. A printer that supports DPOF.

Поддерживаемые Типы Файлов

icon .asec - Secure Application File (Прочие файлы)

Files with the .asec file extension are Secure Application files used by Googles Android operating system for mobile telephones and smartphones for saving... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .dav - DVR365 CCTV Video File (Видео файлы)

Used for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Video Recorders from the DVR 365 range are able to record 4 to 16 cameras at the same time. Video files created by... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .mrk - Digital Print Order Format File (Прочие файлы)

Digital Print Order Format is used to allow users to print photographs from digital cameras, mobile telephones etc, the files used by Digital Print Order... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .bnp - Sony Video Data File (Видео файлы)

Files that use the .bnp file extension are systems files used by various Sony Camcorders, these files usually do not need to be opened by the user. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .sfb - HP Soft Font File (Прочие файлы)

Hewlett Packard(HP) Soft Fonts which use the file extension .sfb are fonts that are stored on the printer and are usually accessed through an escape... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .efi - Extensible Firmware Interface File (Системные файлы)

Most computers use BIOS a form of firmware that is used as an interface between the operating system and the hardware due to limitations in BIOS especially... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .rec - Recorded File (Видео файлы)

Topfield is a company that makes Receivers for Satellite as well as PVR devices which you can use to record programs from your television. The files created... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .vfs - Virtual File System Index (Прочие файлы)

Virtual File Systems which use the file extension .vfs can be used to so that client applications can can access different concrete file systems. An example... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .spl - Microsoft Windows Spool File (Прочие файлы)

When you print a document for example from your computer it will be sent to a spool file which is created by the print spooler which manages the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .xex - Xbox 360 Executable File (Исполняемые файлы)

The Xbox 360 is a gaming console developed by Microsoft, executable files used by the console make use of the .xex file extension. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .kwi - Navigation Data File (Файлы с данными)

Various GPS in-car Navigation systems make use of the file extension .kwi, these are data files that contain information and resources used by the device. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .sb - Creative Compressed Sb16 Sbide File (Системные файлы)

Files that use the .sb file extension are sbide.sys files used by Soundblaster soundcards these are used when a CD-Rom Drive is connected to the card. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .fbl - iGO Map File (Прочие файлы)

iGO is a navigation software which was introduced by the Hungarian company Nav N Go Kft and is used by many well known brands for there navigation devices.... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .gpi - Garmin Point Of Interest File (Географические файлы)

Garmin is a company founded in 1989 which is known for its hardware and software used for GPS navigation, the hardware ranges from standalone navigation... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .nng - Pioneer Avic File (Прочие файлы)

NNG files are files used by the Avic Navigation AV Receiver from Pioneer which supports GPS Navigation and the playback of Multimedia files and Radio. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .mtf - Motorola Theme File (Прочие файлы)

Files with the MTF file extension are Theme files used by some Motorola mobile phones that contain Wallpapers, Icons and Ringtones that change the look of... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .pcf - Profile Configuration file (Файлы настроек)

Cisco Systems is corporation in the Networking and Communication Technology industry including servicing them. Cisco sell Routers that support the use of... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .trx - Router Firmware File (Файлы настроек)

Routers which are used to connect computers to modems to access the Internet make use of Firmwares these are files that tell the hardware how it is supposed... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .sonyvid - Sony Video File (Видео файлы)

Files that use the .sonyvid file extension are video files from Sony Cameras. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .unl - Garmin Unlock File (Текстовые файлы)

Files that use the unl file extension are unlock files used by Garmin satellite navigation devices, if your device is unable to access any maps then after... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .pgi - DVD Recorder Timestamp File (Прочие файлы)

DVD RAM recorders have the ability to save a time stamp file when recording, this is used to display the date of the recording on the menu. DVD recorders... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .vpm - Garmin GPS Voice File (Прочие файлы)

Garmin is a manufacture of GPS navigation products for use when driving, aviation, marine activities and outdoor sporting activities as well as mobile... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .aa - Audible Audio File (Аудио файлы)

Audible Audio files that have the extension .aa are Audio Book files from which is a provider for Audio Books and other spoken multimedia formats.... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .cont - Panasonic Camcorder File (Мультимедийные файлы)

Cont files are files used by Panasonic Hi Definition Camcorder’s. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .ds - Twain Data Source File (Прочие файлы)

Twain is a standard that is used by devices for acquiring images such as scanners, this was originally started in 1992 as an initiative and is sued for the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .bnk - AdLib Instrument Bank File (Аудио файлы)

Files with the file extension .bnk are files that contain the bank of sounds used by the now defunct AdLib sound card, AdLib was a Canadian company that... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .pfb - PostScript Font Binary (Файлы со шрифтами)

Adobe uses two formats to store type 1 fonts, one of these is the PostScript Font Binary which uses the .pfb file extension which contain descriptions of... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .rsc - Compiled Resource File (Файлы настроек)

Symbian OS is a mobile telephone operating system usually found on mobile telephones from Nokia and Sony Eriksson. Files used by the operating system with... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .act - ADPCM Audio File (Аудио файлы)

Files that have the file extension .act are audio files compressed in a 8kbit/s ADPCM lossy format, these files are usually found on MP3/4 mobile players... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .ps2 - PostScript Level 2 File (Файлы верстки)

PostScript is a language used for describing pages and is usually found in desktop publishing. PostScript Level 2 was introduced in 1991 and had many... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .cr - Iris CT Bitmap Files (Файлы растровой графики)

Iris printers are used in digital proofing and make use of an inkjet technology that produces a consistent and continuous tone and an output that is photo... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .st3 - Star3 Karaoke File (Аудио файлы)

Files that use the .st3 file format are midi files with lyrics that have been compressed, sometimes these files also have images. The format was developed... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .vxd - Virtual Device Driver File (Системные файлы)

VXD files are virtual device drivers, these are usually part of Microsoft´s Windows operating systems. These files can be used by a number of programs and... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .icm - Image Colour Matching (Файлы настроек)

Files that contain colour profiles that are used by various hardware devices such as monitors, printers and scanner are known as Image Colour Matching... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .aax - Audible Audiobook File (Аудио файлы)

The .aax file format is a format used for Audiobooks from Amazons [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .mtv - MTV Video File (Видео файлы)

Files with the .mtv file extension are video files that have been created for playback on low cost MP4 Players usually from the orient. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .psv - Playstation Saved Game File (Игровые файлы)

Files that use the .psv file extension are game for the Playstation 2 that have been saved by the Playstation 3 console. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .oma - OpenMG Music File (Аудио файлы)

SonicStage is the software used by Sony to copy multimedia files from computers to MP3 players. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .dol - Nintendo Executable File (Исполняемые файлы)

Executable files used by Nintendo Game consoles such as the Wii or Gamecube have the .dol file extension. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .kmp - Synthesizer Keymap File (Аудио файлы)

Korg manufacture digital musical instruments such as Synthesizers and electronic drums. With the Triton and Trinity Workstations you can save files that... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .udstate - Android Media Finder File (Системные файлы)

Files with the .udstate file extension are files on the memory card that are used by the Media Finder on Android systems and contain information regarding... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .icf - Conexant ADSL Modem Configuration File (Файлы настроек)

Some Conexant ADSL Modems save there settings in configuration files, these files use the .icf file extension [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .shd - Microsoft Windows Shadow File (Прочие файлы)

When you print a document for example from your computer it will be sent to a spool file which is created by the print spooler which manages the... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .fastresume - ReadyNAS Bit Torrent File (Прочие файлы)

Files with the FASTRESUME file extension are files used by the Bit Torrent client used by the ReadyNAS series of Network Hard drives from Netgear. [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .api - WebOjects API File (Прочие файлы)

The Java Web Application Server that is from Apple inc. is known as WebObjects, as well as being a application server it is also a framework used to make... [Дополнительная Информация]

icon .blf - Bantec Scanner Driver File (Прочие файлы)

BancTec, Inc. manufacture Scanners for use in high volume areas which support speeds of up to 255ppm at 200dpi and a page feeder that can continually supply... [Дополнительная Информация]