Aldus Placeable Metafile

Dosya Uzantısı:.apm
Geliştirici:Adobe Systems
Updated:2010-11-23 18:59:46


Aldus Corperation created the Placeable Metafile to specify how a metafile is to be mapped and scaled on output devices. These files are not supported by the Windows API due to the placeable metafile having a 22-byte header.

Here is an example of a APM Header.

typedef struct
     DWORD   key;
     HANDLE  hmf;
     RECT    bbox;
     WORD    inch;
     DWORD   reserved;
     WORD    checksum;

To playback a placeable metafile in Windows you need to save the file the open it in a Hex Editior and remove the header that starts at Offset 0x16.

Today APM belongs to Adobe Systems due to Aldus Corperation being merged with Adobe Systems in 1994.

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