XPInstall File

Dosya Uzantısı:.xpi
Geliştirici:Mozilla Foundation
Updated:2011-01-10 13:44:28


The Mozilla Foundation is an organization that supports the various Mozilla projects such as Firefox, Thunderbird and various other software. Most Mozilla products support the use of Add-ons to add functions to the software, these function are added by using XPI files which are a derivative from the XPInstall Technology which is able to install over various platforms for Mozilla products.

XPI files which are similar to Zip files usually contain the following.

  » Install script

  » Manifest

  » Data files

Due to the similarity to Zip files it is possible to open these files by changing the file extension from its usual .xpi to .zip.

Bu dosya türünü açan programlar

  » Mozilla Firefox

  » Mozilla Thunderbird

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