File extensions that start with the letter "G"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
gabGlobal Address Book FileData Files
gadgetSidebar Gadget FileAudio Files
gamSaved Game FileGame Files
gameApple Chess Save Game FileGame Files
garWaypoint Data FileMisc Files
gbPagefox Bitmap Image FileGraphic Files
gbaGame Boy Advance ROM FileGame Files
gbcGameBoy Colour ROM Image FileGame Files
gbigBurner Image FileDisk Image Files
gbpgBurner Projeckt FileMisc Files
gcdGlobal CD Disk Image FileDisk Image Files
gcfSteam Cache FileGame Files
gcmGamecube Image FileDisk Image Files
gdbBorland Interbase Database FilesData Files
gdf3D Move Geological File3D Files
gedGedcom FileMisc Files
genARC/INFO UnGenerate FileGeographical Files
gfdGE Form FileLayout Files
ggGoogle Desktop Gadget fileMisc Files
ggbGeoGebra Document FileMisc Files
ghoNorton Ghost Backup FileBackup Files
ghsGhost Spanned Disk FileBackup Files
giRecordNow Image FileDisk Image Files
gidWindows Help Index FileMisc Files
gifGraphics Interchange FormatGraphic Files
gmlGeography Markup Language FileGeographical Files
gp3Guitar Pro 3 Tablature FileData Files
gp4Guitar Pro 4 Tablature FileAudio Files
gp5Guitar Pro 5 Tablature FileAudio Files
gpdGraphic PhotoDefiner Image FileGraphic Files
gpiGarmin Point Of Interest FileGeographical Files
gpxGPS Exchange Format FileGeographical Files
grbT-Flex CAD FileCAD Files
grfMicrografix Image FileGraphic Files
grleFarming Simulator Saved Game FileGame Files
groSerious Sam Game FileGame Files
groupWindows Group FileMisc Files
groupsWebMoney Group FileData Files
gsfGhost Script Font FileFonts Files
gspGeometers Sketchpad Document FileMisc Files
gtpGnome Desktop Theme FileMisc Files
gxtGTA Resource FileGame Files
gzGNU Zipped Archive FileArchived Files
gzipGNU Zip Compressed FileArchived Files