File extensions that start with the letter "F"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
f4vMP4 Video FileVideo Files
fastresumeReadyNAS Bit Torrent FileMisc Files
fb!FlashGet Partial Download FileMisc Files
fb2FictionBook 2.0 FileText Files
fbliGO Map FileMisc Files
fcdFirst Choice Database FileData Files
fcdVirtual CD Image FileDisk Image Files
fdbDynamics NAV Database FileData Files
fdcField Catalog File3D Files
ffCall Of Duty Game FileGame Files
fidBruker Aspect NMR Data FileData Files
fidStreamed Video FileVideo Files
fig3ds Max Figure File3D Files
filFiles List FileData Files
fileAS/400 Physical FileSystem Files
flFreelancer Saved GameGame Files
flaAdobe Flash FilesDeveloper Files
flacFree Lossless Audio Codec FileAudio Files
flameFractal Flame FileGraphic Files
flipchartActiveInspire Flipchart FileMisc Files
flkFile Locker Encrypted FileEncrypted Files
flpAdobe Flash Project FileMultimedia Files
fltAldus Import Filter FileMisc Files
flvFlash VideoVideo Files
flvATFlash VideoVideo Files
fmFileMaker Pro Spreadsheet FileSpreadsheet Files
fmpAutoCAD Font Mapping FileMisc Files
fmtMicrosoft Schedule Plus Print FileMisc Files
fntFont FileFonts Files
foXSL-FO Form FileData Files
folWindows Mail Folder Settings FileSettings Files
forgeAssassins Creed Audio FileAudio Files
fp3FileMaker Pro 3 Database FileData Files
fp3Floor Plan 3D Drawing File3D Files
fptFoxPro Memo Field FileDeveloper Files
frfFontMonger Database FileMisc Files
frmMySQL Database Format FileData Files
frpFaxRush List FileMisc Files
frpPerform FileMisc Files
frwRollercoaster Tycoon Game FileGame Files
fsF# Source Code FileDeveloper Files
fsbFMOD Sample Bank FileAudio Files
fshEA Sports FSH Image FileGraphic Files
fxDirectX Effects FileSystem Files
fxpFoxPro Compiled Program FileDeveloper Files
f_iPrints IPS FileMisc Files