File extensions that start with the letter "E"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
e2pPonyProg Device FileDeveloper Files
ecfOutlook Add-on FileMisc Files
ecfExchange Extended Configuration FileSettings Files
ecmError Code Modeler FileDisk Image Files
edbExchange Information Store Database FileData Files
efiExtensible Firmware Interface FileSystem Files
eggALZip Copmpressed FileArchived Files
egisenceDataSecurity Encrypted FileEncrypted Files
eixMetin 2 Game FileGame Files
elfExecutable Game Data FileGame Files
emcStriata Encrypted E-mail Attachment FileEncrypted Files
emlEmail Message FileMisc Files
emuBitcom Data FileMisc Files
emulecollectioneMule Plus Data FileMisc Files
emzWindows Compressed Enhanced MetafileGraphic Files
encEncoded FileEncoded Files
engEnglish Language FileMisc Files
ensEnsemble FileAudio Files
envAdobe Acrobat Dictionary FileMisc Files
enwEndNote Import FileMisc Files
epfEncapsulated Postscript File3D Files
epkMetin 2 Game Data FileGame Files
epsEncapsulated PostscriptGraphic Files
epubOpen Electronic Book FileText Files
errVisual FoxPro Error FileText Files
ertHeroes of Might & Magic Script FileGame Files
esmElder Scrolls Game FileGame Files
espACD/Labs Data FileData Files
essEasy Spreadsheet Spreadsheet FileSpreadsheet Files
etEasitech Lesson Data FileData Files
etlMicrosoft Event Trace Log FileData Files
etseSignal Time and Sales FileMisc Files
exNorton Ghost Template File3D Files
ex4Expert Advisor FileData Files
exdControl Information Cache FileMisc Files
exeExecutable FileExecutable Files
expExport FileData Files
extNorton Commander ExtensionMisc Files
ex_Compressed Executable FileExecutable Files