File extensions that start with the letter "H"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
hC/C++ Header FileDeveloper Files
h264H.264 video fileVideo Files
h2wH2testw FileExecutable Files
hdpHD Photo FileGraphic Files
hdrHigh Dynamic Range Image FileGraphic Files
hdrInstallShield Setup HeaderMisc Files
hdsWindows Digital Right Management FileEncrypted Files
hdsHierarchical Dataset FileGeographical Files
hexHexadecimal Source FileMisc Files
hfsMacintosh Disc Image FileDisk Image Files
hlpMicrosoft Help FileSystem Files
hmtHighMat FileDisk Image Files
hppC++ Header FileDeveloper Files
hqxMacintosh BinHex Encoded FileEncoded Files
hstYahoo Messenger History FileMisc Files
htaHTML ApplicationExecutable Files
htaccessAccess Configuration FileSettings Files
htcHTML Component FileWeb Files
htmHypertext Markup FileWeb Files
htmlHTML 1.0Web Files
httHypertext Template FileSettings Files
husHusqvarna Embroidery Machines FileMisc Files
hwpHangul Document FileText Files