Game Files

File extensions used for Game Files

2da2 Dimensional Data Array Files32141
6Salt Lake City Music File32907
amxxMetamod Plugin File27538
at3Airport Tycoon 3 Saved Game29437
bifBioware Resource File29526
bigElectronic Arts Data File69382
bikeyBohemia Interactive Key File32979
blobSteam Archive File28366
bsaBethseda Softworks Archive File35872
bspQuake Map File30311
bunMonkey Island 3 Game Archive File12803
cfrCrossfire Replay file33078
cmgCMG File20225
cosCreatures Source Code File22198
d2sDiablo II Saved Game File24241
ddtJill of the Jungle File13148
ddtFootball Manager Data File11130
dlZoo Tycoon 2 Game Data File31270
dmCall Of Duty Demo File30793
dsvDeSmuME Saved Game File21605
eixMetin 2 Game File20535
elfExecutable Game Data File52567
epkMetin 2 Game Data File36748
ertHeroes of Might & Magic Script File32304
esmElder Scrolls Game File22704
ffCall Of Duty Game File39435
flFreelancer Saved Game20598
frwRollercoaster Tycoon Game File50442
gamSaved Game File25199
gameApple Chess Save Game File23138
gbaGame Boy Advance ROM File76160
gbcGameBoy Colour ROM Image File25717
gcfSteam Cache File27266
grleFarming Simulator Saved Game File26493
groSerious Sam Game File24507
gxtGTA Resource File39229
ibtIBtracer File25862
ipsPatched Game File26311
itrIcy Tower Replay File19089
iwdCall of Duty Game Data File38097
ldwVirtual Villagers Data File26349
lmpLump File21271
lvlGame Level File23762
lzcNeed For Speed Game Data File28572
mcaMinecraft Anvil File32538
md3Quake 3 Arena Model File19971
mdmMario Dash Map File10215
mineMinecraft Save Game File22812
mpqGame Data File72002
mpqeStarcraft 2 Encrypted Data File31792
mpsMax Payne Saved Game File10767
musPlayStation 2 Music File40311
n64Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image File27339
ncfSteam Configuration File27164
nd5NDS Renamed File21319
ndsNintendo DS ROM Image File97815
nesNintendo ROM Image File107447
nfs11saveNeed For Speed Saved File38939
nhNetHack File21428
packageElectronic Arts Package File134152
pakPacked File161599
pkbCity Life Game File16331
psarcPlaystation 3 Game File25569
psvPlaystation Saved Game File22819
rcfColin McRae Configuration File5088
repGTA Replay File44606
rezEscape Velocity Nova Plugin File28967
rpfGTA IV Data Package File42947
rplARMovie File30098
savSaved Game File193924
saveDoom 3 Saved Game File39052
scfSimTown Effects File11008
schematicMCEdit File34737
scmStarcraft Map File12538
scsSimCity Societies Saved Game File75846
sims2packSims 2 Downloaded Package File25649
smcSuper Nintendo ROM Image File56141
smdSega Mega Drive ROM File39468
smsSega Master System ROM File23488
sp2Various Games Files19927
sp3Quake 2 32bit Sprite Builder File27325
srmKega Fusion RAM File26509
txdGame Texture Dictionary46950
ukxUnreal Tournament Animation File21847
upkMass Effect Game File32923
v64Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image File28303
vmtSteam Material File23393
volVol Archive File31398
vpkSteam Package Archive File34816
vtfSteam Texture File26188
w3gWarcraft 3 Replay Files32074
w3mWarcraft 3 Map File23401
w3xWarcraft 3 Map File89797
wadCompressed Doom Game File44184
wbfsWii Backup File System File68781
wemMargonem Maps18188
wotreplayWorld Of Tanks Playback File93329
wtfWorld of Warcraft Text File59905
xmcdMathcad Worksheet File34058
xp3TVP XPK3 Virtual File System File48468
xsAge Of Empires III Map AI Generator File20170
y3aYuGiOh Avatar File17036
y3dYuGiOh Card File18956
y3pYuGiOh Profile File16033
ydcYu Gi Oh Card Deck File24808
z64Nintendo 64 ROM File50339