File extensions that start with the letter "P"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
pDatabase Procedure FileData Files
p2pFolderShare FileData Files
p3tPlaystation 3 Theme FileGraphic Files
p65Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 Document FileLayout Files
p7mS/MIME Encrypted FileEncrypted Files
pacCrossePAC Archive FileArchived Files
packPack200 Compressed FileArchived Files
packageElectronic Arts Package FileGame Files
pagesPages DocumentText Files
pakPacked FileGame Files
palColour Palette FileGraphic Files
parParity Archive Volume Set FileArchived Files
par2Parchive 2 FileArchived Files
partPartMisc Files
partialPartially Downloaded FileMisc Files
pasPascal Source Code FileDeveloper Files
patPattern FileGraphic Files
patchPatch FileExecutable Files
paxPax Archive FileArchived Files
pbdEASEUS Todo Backup FileArchived Files
pbfParagon Backup & Recovery FileDisk Image Files
pbpPSP Firmware Update FileMisc Files
pc3AutoCAD Plotter Configuration FileSettings Files
pcbPrinted Circuit Board FileMisc Files
pcfProfile Configuration fileSettings Files
pckReceived Package FileData Files
pctPict File FormatDesktop Publishing
pcxPaintbrush Bitmap Image FileGraphic Files
pdbPowerDesigner physical modelData Files
pddAdobe PhotoDeluxe Image FileGraphic Files
pdfPortable Document FormatText Files
pdgMetaCAM Part FileCAD Files
pdiInstant Copy Image FileDisk Image Files
pdnPaint.NET Image FileGraphic Files
pdoPaper Craft Pattern FileLayout Files
pdsPlanetary Data System Image FileGraphic Files
pdwProfessional Draw Graphics FileGraphic Files
peaPeaZip Compressed FileArchived Files
pemPrivacy Enhanced Mail Certificate FileEncrypted Files
pesBrother Embroidary Design FileMisc Files
pfWindows Prefetch FileData Files
pfbPostScript Font BinaryFonts Files
pflFamily Lawyer Data FileData Files
pgPagefox File3D Files
pgfProgressive Graphics FileGraphic Files
pgiDVD Recorder Timestamp FileMisc Files
pgnPortable Game NotationText Files
phpPHPWeb Files
phtmlPHP FileWeb Files
picQuickTime Picture FileGraphic Files
pimPIM Archive FileArchived Files
pipOffice Personalized Menu FileSettings Files
pitPackIt Compressed FileArchived Files
pivPivot Project FileGraphic Files
pixBRL-CAD FileGraphic Files
pj2Projector FileData Files
pkLaTeX Typeface Font FileText Files
pk3Quake 3 Data File3D Files
pkbCity Life Game FileGame Files
pkgMac OS X Installer PackageArchived Files
pkkPrivate Key FileEncrypted Files
pktPacket Tracer Network Simulation FileData Files
plPerl Script FileDeveloper Files
plaArchiCAD Project ArchiveCAD Files
playlistPowerDVD PlaylistWeb Files
plcLotus 123 Plug-in FilePlugin Files
plfWinDVD Playlist FileMisc Files
plgMicrsoft Developer Studio Log FileDeveloper Files
plgAston Desktop Plugin FileMisc Files
plistApple Property List FileSettings Files
plnArchiCAD 3D Model File3D Files
plsPlaylist FileAudio Files
plscMessenger Plus Script FileMisc Files
plskMessenger Skin Pack FileMisc Files
pltAutoCAD Plotter DocumentGraphic Files
pmPerl Module FileDeveloper Files
pm5Adobe Pagemaker 5 Document FileLayout Files
pmdAdobe Pagemaker Document FileLayout Files
pmfArcGIS Published Map Information FileGeographical Files
pmpAutoCAD Plotter Model Parameter FileSettings Files
pmvPegasus Mail Filter Rule FileMisc Files
pnfPrecompiled Setup InformationSystem Files
pngPortable Network GraphicsGraphic Files
podOPENPROJ Project File3D Files
poiMagellan Maestro POI FileData Files
potxPowerpoint Open XML Template FileMisc Files
ppFree Pascal Source Code FileDeveloper Files
ppdPostScript Printer Description FileSystem Files
ppfPlaystation Patch FileMisc Files
ppsPowerpoint Slideshow FileData Files
ppsxMicrosoft Office PowerPoint Slide Show FileData Files
pptPowerpoint Slideshow FileData Files
pptmPowerpoint Macro Enabled Presentation FileMisc Files
pptxPowerpoint Presentation FileData Files
pr4Harvard Graphics Presentation FileDocument Files
prcCorel Presentation FileAudio Files
prgVisual FoxPro Program FileDeveloper Files
prjShapefile Projection Format FileText Files
prnPrintable FileLayout Files
proProPresenter Export FileMultimedia Files
profileBash Profile FileExecutable Files
projectZend Studio Project Setting FileSettings Files
propdescInstallation Package Property Description FileMisc Files
propertiesJava Properties FileSettings Files
prtSolid Edge Parts File3D Files
prxWindows Media Settings FileSettings Files
psPostscript FileGraphic Files
ps2PostScript Level 2 FileLayout Files
psarcPlaystation 3 Game FileGame Files
psdPhotoshop DocumentGraphic Files
psfPhotoshop Proof Settings FileSettings Files
pskUnreal Engine Charachter File3D Files
pspPaintshop Pro Image FileGraphic Files
pspimagePaintshop Pro Photo ImageGraphic Files
pssPicture and Sound Show FileMisc Files
pstOutlook Personal Information FileData Files
psvPlaystation Saved Game FileGame Files
pswSinger Embroidery FileMisc Files
pswPocket Word Document FileDocument Files
ptbPower Tab Editor FileData Files
ptfSession FileAudio Files
pttMapPoint Template FileData Files
pubMicrosoft Publisher FileDesktop Publishing
pupPS3 System Software Update FileArchived Files
pvmParallels Virtual MachineDisk Image Files
pwiPocket Word DocumentText Files
pwmWebMoney Purse FileMisc Files
pwm.safeWebMoney Purse Backup FileBackup Files
pwnPawn Source Code FileDeveloper Files
pxcProShow Cache FileGraphic Files
pxyTopocad Coordinate FileGeographical Files
pyPython Script FileDeveloper Files
pycPython Compiled FileDeveloper Files