File extensions that start with the letter "W"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
wDatabase AppBuilder Source Code FileDeveloper Files
w02Multiple Archive FileData Files
w3gWarcraft 3 Replay FilesGame Files
w3mWarcraft 3 Map FileGame Files
w3xWarcraft 3 Map FileGame Files
wadCompressed Doom Game FileGame Files
walWinamp Skin FileMisc Files
warKonqueror Archived HTML FileWeb Files
wavWaveform Audio File FormatAudio Files
waxWindows Media Player Redirect FileAudio Files
wbaWindowBlinds Skin FileMisc Files
wbfsWii Backup File System FileGame Files
wbmpWireless Application Protocol Bitmap FileGraphic Files
wdbMicrosoft Works Database FileMisc Files
webarchiveSafari Web ArchiveWeb Files
weblocSafari Webloc FileWeb Files
webmWeM Container FileVideo Files
webpWebP image FileGraphic Files
websiteIE9 Pinned Website FileWeb Files
wemMargonem MapsGame Files
werMicrosoft Windows Error Report FileSystem Files
wfcWindows Wireless Network Settings FileSettings Files
wftNicolet WFT Export FileData Files
wfwWFW FileBackup Files
wgtOpera Widget FileMisc Files
widgetYahoo Widget FileExecutable Files
wimImage Format FileDisk Image Files
winOpera Saved Window FileWeb Files
windowslivecontactWindows Live Contact FileMisc Files
wlmpLive Movie Maker Project FileData Files
wmaWindows Media AudioAudio Files
wmdbWindows Media Database FileData Files
wmfWindows Metafile FileGraphic Files
wmlWireless Markup LanguageWeb Files
wmvWindows Media VideoVideo Files
wocMicrosoft Office 2007 Organization FileData Files
wocWidows Orgchart Organization Chart FileData Files
wotreplayWorld Of Tanks Playback FileGame Files
wp3Microsoft Photo Story Project FileMultimedia Files
wpdWord Perfect DocumentText Files
wplWindows Media Player Playlist FileVideo Files
wpostxwpostxWeb Files
wpsMicrosoft Works Document FileDocument Files
wriWindows Write DocumentText Files
wrlVirtual Reality Modeling Language World File3D Files
wsesWinSesame Encrypted FileEncrypted Files
wszWinamp Compressed Skin FileArchived Files
wtcWatertec DatabaseData Files
wtdWinTune Document FileMisc Files
wtfWorld of Warcraft Text FileGame Files
wvWavPack compressed Audio FileAudio Files