File extensions that start with the letter "D"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
dD Source Code FileDeveloper Files
d10Drake Software Data FileData Files
d10H&R Block Deduction Pro FileMisc Files
d2sDiablo II Saved Game FileGame Files
daaPowerISO Direct Access ArchiveDisk Image Files
dapDownload Accelerator Plus Download FileMisc Files
datInno Setup Uninstall LogData Files
datDATData Files
datVCD Audio/Video DataVideo Files
dataCoreFSIF databaseData Files
davDVR365 CCTV Video FileVideo Files
dbDatabase FileData Files
db3dBase III Database FileData Files
dbcVisual FoxPro Databse FileData Files
dbdDemoShield Project FileMultimedia Files
dbfDatabase FileData Files
dbkSony Ericsson Phone Backup FileBackup Files
dbxOutlook Express E-mail FolderMisc Files
dcfDRM Content Format Delivery FileAudio Files
dcmDICOM Image FileGraphic Files
dcrShockwave FileWeb Files
dctArcview Dictionary FileGeographical Files
dctAutoCAD Dictionary FileCAD Files
dctmpDC++ partially downloaded fileMisc Files
ddatDivX Temporary FileVideo Files
ddmAlpha Five Table Objects FileData Files
ddpDelphi Diagram PortfolioDeveloper Files
ddsDirect Draw Surface FileGraphic Files
ddtFootball Manager Data FileGame Files
ddtJill of the Jungle FileGame Files
deMetaProducts Download Express Partial Download FileMisc Files
debDebian Software PackageArchived Files
decUnix Hyperhelp Support FilesMisc Files
defModule Definition FileDeveloper Files
demArcview Digital Elevation Model FileGeographical Files
demHalf-Life Demo File3D Files
deployDeployMaster Deploy FileDeveloper Files
desQuickbooks Form Template FileMisc Files
deskthemepackWindows 8 Theme Pack FilesSystem Files
desktopDesktop X Theme FileGraphic Files
dexDalvik FileExecutable Files
dexExcel FileSpreadsheet Files
dffRenderWare File3D Files
dgdatDoubleGIS Database FileData Files
dgnArcView Design Drawing FileGeographical Files
dhyAdobe Bridge FileMultimedia Files
dicDictionary FileText Files
dinfoDivX Temporary Video Information FileSettings Files
dirAdobe Director Movie FileVideo Files
disabledSpybot Search & Destroy Disabled FileMisc Files
diskdefinesLive CD Information FileSystem Files
divxDivX Encoded Movie FileVideo Files
dizZip Archive Description FileText Files
djvDJVu Scanned FileGraphic Files
djvuDjVu FileArchived Files
dlZoo Tycoon 2 Game Data FileGame Files
dlcJDownloader download link containerEncoded Files
dllDynamic Link LibrarySystem Files
dlm3ds Max File3D Files
dlmAdobe Download Manager Partial FileMisc Files
dlmFile Transfer Manager Partial FileMisc Files
dl_DLL Backup FIleSystem Files
dmCall Of Duty Demo FileGame Files
dmfD-Lusion Music FilesAudio Files
DMFrDownload Master Temporary FileWeb Files
dmgMacintosh Disk ImageDisk Image Files
dmpMemory Dump FileSystem Files
dmskDivX Web Player Temporary FileVideo Files
dngAdobe Digital Negative FileGraphic Files
dnlDNL eBook FileMisc Files
doJava Servlet FileWeb Files
docWord DocumentDocument Files
docmWord 2007/2010 Open XML Macro-enabled Document FileText Files
docxMicrosoft Word Open XML DocumentText Files
dolNintendo Executable FileExecutable Files
dotWord Document Template FileLayout Files
dotxMicrosoft Word 2007 template FileAudio Files
downloadDownload FileMisc Files
downloadingPartially Downloaded FileMisc Files
dpgNintendo DS MPEG Video File3D Files
dpsDivX Player Skin FileSettings Files
dreamMicrosoft DreamScene FileSystem Files
dropboxDropbox FileData Files
drvDevice Driver FileSystem Files
drwDrawing File FormatGraphic Files
dsTwain Data Source FileMisc Files
dscDisk Identification FileMisc Files
dsimDigital Simulator FIleMisc Files
dskGeneric Disk Image FileDisk Image Files
dsnODBC Data Source FileData Files
dstEmbroidary Stich FileMisc Files
dsvDeSmuME Saved Game FileGame Files
ds_storeMac Os X Folder Information FileSettings Files
dtPowerBasic FileDeveloper Files
dt2Windows Live Messenger Emoticon FileGraphic Files
dtaStata Dataset FileData Files
dtapartDownloadThemAll Partially Downloaded FileMisc Files
dtdDocument Type DefinitionText Files
dtmDigital Terrain Model FileGeographical Files
dtsDTS Audio FileAudio Files
dumpLibrary Symbols FileDeveloper Files
dvdLayer Break Information FileDisk Image Files
dvdMS DOS Device DriverSystem Files
dvdripDVD Ripped FileVideo Files
dvrMedia Center Recorded FileVideo Files
dwfDesign Web Format File3D Files
dwgAutoCAD Drawing Database FileCAD Files
dwlDrawing Lock FilesCAD Files
dxfDrawing Exchange Format FileCAD Files
dxrAdobe Director Movie FileVideo Files
dxtorylicDxtory Licence FileMisc Files