File extensions that start with the letter "T"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
tParasolid Model File3D Files
ta0TaxAct FileData Files
tabTablature FilesText Files
tagDataFlex Query Tag FileMisc Files
takTAK FileAudio Files
tarCompressed Tape Archive FileData Files
targetsMSBuild Targets FileDeveloper Files
taxTurbotax FileMisc Files
tbkFoxPro Memo Field Backup FileData Files
tbkSumTotal Toolbook FileMultimedia Files
tblAdobe Pagemaker Table FileLayout Files
tcfTopocad Camber Form FileGeographical Files
tcsTopocad Cross Section FileGeographical Files
tdBorland Debugger Configuration FileDeveloper Files
tdbeBay Turbo Lister FileBackup Files
tdlMathType Translator FileMisc Files
tdtThor Datatree FileData Files
tdtmTopocad Digital Terrain Model FileGeographical Files
tecTecplot Analysis FileData Files
tempTemporary FileMisc Files
testTest File ExtensionMisc Files
texLaTeX Source Document FileText Files
textASCII Text FileText Files
tgaTruevision Targa Graphic FileGraphic Files
tgzGzip Tar Archive FileArchived Files
themepackWindows 7 Themepack FileSettings Files
thmThumbnail Image FileGraphic Files
tibAcronis True Image FileDisk Image Files
tifTagged Image FileGraphic Files
tiffTagged Image File FormatGraphic Files
tlbOLE Type LibraryMisc Files
tmbPanasonic Camcorder Information FileMisc Files
tmbMovie Magic Screenwriter Backup FileMisc Files
tmpTemporary FileBackup Files
tmpleMule Web Interface Template FileWeb Files
tnaTopocad Net Adjustment FileGeographical Files
tnsTI-Nspire Document3D Files
tnsTNS FileEncrypted Files
toastRoxio Toast Image FileDisk Image Files
tocPSP Audio FileAudio Files
topTopocad Drawing FileGeographical Files
torrentTorrentMisc Files
tpTurbo Pascal Configuration FileDeveloper Files
tpcTopocad Pointcloud FileGeographical Files
tpfHiJaak PCL Soft Font FileFonts Files
tpfTopocad Profile Form FileGeographical Files
tpiMicrosoft Test FileMisc Files
tplDocument Template FileMisc Files
tppTeleport Pro Project FileWeb Files
tpsMulti Channel Measurement FileData Files
tpsClarion TopSpeed Data FileData Files
tptbCompressed Game FileMisc Files
trashesGoogle Android Mobile Phone FileMisc Files
trashinfoTrashcan Metadata FileSystem Files
trlTopocad Road Line FileGeographical Files
trpTopocad Road Profile FileGeographical Files
trpHigh Definition Video Transport Stream FileEncoded Files
trxRouter Firmware FileSettings Files
tsTransport Stream FileVideo Files
tskWindows Mobile Theme FileMisc Files
tstTopocad Template FileGeographical Files
tsvTab Separarted Value FileText Files
tt10Turbotax 2010 return FileMisc Files
ttaThe True Audio Codec FileAudio Files
ttfTrueType FontFonts Files
ttuTopocad Tunnel Cross Section FileGeographical Files
tunTopocad Tunnel Section Template FileGeographical Files
tvrNavicat for MySQL FileData Files
twTW FileData Files
txdGame Texture DictionaryGame Files
txtText FilesText Files