File extensions that start with the letter "U"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
uUnreal Tournament File3D Files
uccapilogUCC API Log FileData Files
udstateAndroid Media Finder FileSystem Files
ufoPhotoImpact Graphic FileGraphic Files
uhaUHARC compressed archive FileArchived Files
uibakBackup Disk Image FileDisk Image Files
uifMagicISO Disc Image FileDisk Image Files
ukxUnreal Tournament Animation FileGame Files
umdUniversal Media Disc FileDisk Image Files
unknownUnknown FileMisc Files
unlGarmin Unlock FileText Files
uns2Ultra Notes Backup fileBackup Files
updUpdate FileSystem Files
updateISAPI Update FileSystem Files
upgFirmware Upgrade FileMisc Files
upkMass Effect Game FileGame Files
urlUniform Resource Locator FileWeb Files
urlsGetRight Url List FileMisc Files
userVisual Studio User Options FileSettings Files
usrUser Database FileSettings Files
utxUnreal Engine Texture FileGraphic Files
uwlUser Word List FileMisc Files
uwlUser Word List FileMisc Files