Misc Files

File extensions used for Misc Files

3dr3DMark Benchmark File21411
8bfPhotoshop Plugin File29793
abrAdobe Photoshop brush File35825
aclMicrosoft Office Auto Correction File27237
acsMicrosoft Ring Animated Character File20706
acs2AIMP2 Media Player Skin File31656
acsmAdobe Content Server Message File87872
actionApple Automator Action File34936
ADADOWNLOADAdobe Download Assistant Partial File25818
apiAdobe Acrobat Plugin Files14895
apiWebOjects API File13464
arnSysinternals Saved Scan File19315
aruMalicious File26287
asecSecure Application File149962
assAegisub Advanced SubStation Alpha Subtitle File52382
atnAdobe Photoshop Action File26693
avastlicAvast! License File93789
avdAvery Database File23925
averyAvery DesignPro Project File28088
avsWinamp Visualization File22271
awbAd-Aware Backup File27722
backupAd-Aware Reference File37890
bblxE-Sword Module File26558
bc!Bitcomet Incompleted Download File51113
bcfBelarc Advisor Content File26210
bcrMap & Guide Station File18037
bfgCQuickTrans File39560
bglBabylon Glossary File26515
bkBackup File8983
blfBantec Scanner Driver File12376
bootInstallshield File21560
boxMailbox File25436
bt!BitTorrent Partial Download File36986
cacheCache File74370
cbfCalender Builder File24789
cebApabi eBook File21127
chkRecovered File Fragments71888
chwCompiled Help Index File35937
clbICQ Contact List File23099
cmapCmap Tools Concept Map File29591
cpfClever Cache Profile File23098
crcTotal Commander CRC File27930
crdownloadGoogle Chrome Temporary File1571663
cxfGoogle Picasa Collage File38023
d10H&R Block Deduction Pro File7345
dapDownload Accelerator Plus Download File41514
dbxOutlook Express E-mail Folder49155
dctmpDC++ partially downloaded file69430
deMetaProducts Download Express Partial Download File19038
decUnix Hyperhelp Support Files45669
desQuickbooks Form Template File21054
disabledSpybot Search & Destroy Disabled File23034
dlmAdobe Download Manager Partial File16562
dlmFile Transfer Manager Partial File12395
dnlDNL eBook File16631
downloadDownload File137638
downloadingPartially Downloaded File65681
dsTwain Data Source File27745
dscDisk Identification File77936
dsimDigital Simulator FIle16955
dstEmbroidary Stich File31445
dtapartDownloadThemAll Partially Downloaded File18120
dxtorylicDxtory Licence File18447
ecfOutlook Add-on File11887
emlEmail Message File355679
emuBitcom Data File16811
emulecollectioneMule Plus Data File21370
engEnglish Language File23981
envAdobe Acrobat Dictionary File21056
enwEndNote Import File38209
etseSignal Time and Sales File25767
exdControl Information Cache File24971
extNorton Commander Extension45449
fastresumeReadyNAS Bit Torrent File18619
fb!FlashGet Partial Download File28516
fbliGO Map File36798
flipchartActiveInspire Flipchart File42892
fltAldus Import Filter File31431
fmpAutoCAD Font Mapping File20592
fmtMicrosoft Schedule Plus Print File25300
frfFontMonger Database File45944
frpFaxRush List File10936
frpPerform File24889
f_iPrints IPS File26380
garWaypoint Data File23835
gbpgBurner Projeckt File23203
gedGedcom File24250
ggGoogle Desktop Gadget file34757
ggbGeoGebra Document File36354
gidWindows Help Index File30642
groupWindows Group File15051
gspGeometers Sketchpad Document File23798
gtpGnome Desktop Theme File19015
hdrInstallShield Setup Header6392
hexHexadecimal Source File57445
hstYahoo Messenger History File23344
husHusqvarna Embroidery Machines File18465
ibdInstaller Dialog Resource File27538
iclIcon Library File24148
idLotus Notes User ID File51103
iksInSeine Document File16813
inCFAST Input File22200
indexIndex File45037
initWebMoney Temporary Key File19525
irpInfraRecorder Project File17427
isnInstaller Source Files34447
jadJava Application Descriptor File142178
jcFlashGet Partial Download25887
jccfg3FlahGet Temporary File28455
jntWindows Journal Note File33316
jwcNTI JewelCase Maker File27486
kdcKaspersky Virus Database File17047
kdhChinese Academic Journals Database File18080
kepSapShow Training File24185
keyWinRAR License File36118
lckLock File61939
lcs L0phtCrack Audit File26301
ldbMicrosoft Access Lock File77613
lexMicrosoft Office Custom Dictionary Files10215
lexLEX File10890
lexAdobe Proximity Dictionary File9600
lmlNokia PC Suite Log File23297
magnetVuze Magnet File17285
mapimailSend To Mail Recipient File20973
mbpMobipocket File20143
md5MD5 Checksum File194126
mdkKeyboard Map File16327
medRSView32 Project Development File21720
mftKaspersky File19254
mimMIM File42080
mlmGroupwise Email File17683
mmbMultimedia Builder File19153
mp7Multisim File27259
mq4MetaTrader Indicator File25254
mrcMRC Image File33540
mrkDigital Print Order Format File78263
mrt.exe._pMalicious Software Removal Tool File32792
msfEmail Summary File31149
msiWindows Installer File56697
msmessagestoreWindows Live Mail Message Information Database File28998
msnMSN Content Plus File16307
msoWord OLE Web Page Storage Stream File78573
msuWindows Update File51517
mtfMotorola Theme File35624
mxlPackRat File7669
njbPhoto Index File30761
nlsNational Language Support File29554
nm3Navitel Navigator Map File25169
nm3DNMR3 Input File23128
nngPioneer Avic File35993
notebookSmart Notebook File59138
nrwNero WMA Compilation File14586
nthNokia Theme File82239
nupProgram Component Update Files31280
ob!Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download38549
omsOrder Maven File39021
ontBible File15377
opfOpen Packaging Format File41795
origGen Original File55049
ov2TomTom Point Of Interest File26076
oxtOpen Office Extension File20519
partialPartially Downloaded File44399
pbpPSP Firmware Update File85819
pcbPrinted Circuit Board File31034
pesBrother Embroidary Design File30106
pgiDVD Recorder Timestamp File29100
plfWinDVD Playlist File36257
plgAston Desktop Plugin File9844
plscMessenger Plus Script File16220
plskMessenger Skin Pack File19093
pmvPegasus Mail Filter Rule File16809
potxPowerpoint Open XML Template File20018
ppfPlaystation Patch File22180
pptmPowerpoint Macro Enabled Presentation File22676
propdescInstallation Package Property Description File24667
pssPicture and Sound Show File23137
pswSinger Embroidery File13387
pwmWebMoney Purse File19613
qmVirtual Box Language File32892
remEncrypted Data File38818
reqFidoNet Request File45049
resxResource File24621
rhpRhapsody Notation Program File Format14225
rmskinRainmaker Skin File32792
rndRandomSeed File40224
romRead Only Memory File67997
rtcLive Meeting Connection File19574
runRunscanner Saved File41155
rw2Panasonic RAW File34805
rwgRandom Word Generator List File20455
safariextzSafari Extension File19701
saiBWA Output File35991
scmScript-Fu File12393
scriptDesktop DNA Application Script File24599
sdiSingle Document Interface33268
selSelection Mask File15710
sfbHP Soft Font File53104
sgfStarOffice Graphical Document File18993
shdMicrosoft Windows Shadow File19290
sibSibelius Score File39227
sisSymbian Installation File172222
sisxSymbian Installation File56197
skinSkin File21263
sknSymbian OS Skin File25698
slfBitdefender File8766
slfSymantec Licence File14175
slnVisual Studio Solution File30372
spbSpareBrains File83749
splMicrosoft Windows Spool File42022
sr0SecuROM Analysis File77119
statStatus File16464
swiadOptivum Certification File15879
swmSupportworks ESP Message File27481
synSYN File13640
tagDataFlex Query Tag File40904
taxTurbotax File25385
tdlMathType Translator File30800
tempTemporary File43124
testTest File Extension26697
tlbOLE Type Library31428
tmbPanasonic Camcorder Information File5602
tmbMovie Magic Screenwriter Backup File6311
tpiMicrosoft Test File23018
tplDocument Template File38242
tptbCompressed Game File35952
trashesGoogle Android Mobile Phone File58676
tskWindows Mobile Theme File20866
tt10Turbotax 2010 return File14542
unknownUnknown File30042
upgFirmware Upgrade File54452
urlsGetRight Url List File30540
uwlUser Word List File10882
uwlUser Word List File10410
vcsvCalender File25587
verVersion Description File47579
vfsVirtual File System Index44321
virInfected File39142
vpmGarmin GPS Voice File28447
walWinamp Skin File25071
wbaWindowBlinds Skin File27436
wdbMicrosoft Works Database File27162
wgtOpera Widget File20898
windowslivecontactWindows Live Contact File22121
wtdWinTune Document File20568
xmpExtensible Metadata Platform69305
xtremeWinstep Theme Pack File18024
xxxSinger Embroidery File27882
zdctAfter Effects Language File23346
zdlDesign Pro Label File26311
zpkZ Firm Package Files15558
_pMalicious Software Removal Tool Temporary File62546