File extensions that start with the letter "X"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
xDirectX Object File3D Files
x32Adobe Xtra File3D Files
x64Commodore 64 Disk Image FileDisk Image Files
xapSilveright Application PackageWeb Files
xbelXML Bookmark Exchange Language FileWeb Files
xcfGimp Image FileGraphic Files
xdwX Windows Screen Dump FileGraphic Files
xexXbox 360 Executable FileExecutable Files
xfdlExtensible Forms Description Language FileWeb Files
xhtmlExtensible HyperText Markup Language FileWeb Files
xlrMicrosoft Works Spreadsheet FileSpreadsheet Files
xlsExcel Spreadsheet FileSpreadsheet Files
xlsmMicrosoft Excel Macro-enabled Workbook fileSpreadsheet Files
xlsxMicrosoft Excel XML FileData Files
xmcdMathcad Worksheet FileGame Files
xmfGamejack Disk Image FileDisk Image Files
xmlExtensible Markup LanguageData Files
xmpExtensible Metadata PlatformMisc Files
xp3TVP XPK3 Virtual File System FileGame Files
xpiXPInstall FileArchived Files
xpsXML Paper Specification FileLayout Files
xptMozilla Firefox Component FileWeb Files
xsAge Of Empires III Map AI Generator FileGame Files
xsdXML Schema FileDeveloper Files
xspfXML Shareable Playlist FileAudio Files
xtmXtremsplit Data FileData Files
xtremeWinstep Theme Pack FileMisc Files
xulXML User Interface Language FileDeveloper Files
xvKhoros VIFF Bitmap FileGraphic Files
xvidXvid Video FileVideo Files
xxxSinger Embroidery FileMisc Files
xzXZ Compressed ArchiveArchived Files