File extensions that start with the letter "C"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
cC/C++ Source Code FileDeveloper Files
c00Corel Ventura Print FileLayout Files
c00Winace Split Archive FileArchived Files
cabWindows Cabinet FileArchived Files
cacheCache FileMisc Files
cajChina Academic Journals Fulltext Database FileText Files
camCasio Image FileGraphic Files
camrecCamtasia Studio Recorded FileVideo Files
capCaption FileDesktop Publishing
catAdvanced Disk Catalog FileData Files
catalogCatia Catalog File3D Files
cbfCalender Builder FileMisc Files
cbrComic Book Archive FileArchived Files
cbzComic Book ZIP FileArchived Files
ccdCloneCD Control FileDisk Image Files
ccfCryptLoad Download Link FileWeb Files
cdPhilips/Optlmage Master Tool FileDisk Image Files
cdaCompact Disc Audio File ShortcutAudio Files
cdbSymbian OS Contacts Database FileData Files
cddConceptDraw Document FileData Files
cdfComponent Definition FileDeveloper Files
cdgCompact Disc Plus Graphics FileGraphic Files
cdiDiscJuggler Image FileDisk Image Files
cdmMedia Maker Disk Image FileDisk Image Files
cdpVisual Objects Developer FileDeveloper Files
cdrCorelDRAW Image FileGraphic Files
cdtCorelDraw Template FileSettings Files
cdwCadKey Organized Dialogue FileData Files
cdxCorelDraw Compressed Image FileGraphic Files
cebApabi eBook FileMisc Files
cfSendmail Configuration FileSettings Files
cfgConfiguration FileSettings Files
cfmCold Fusion Template FileWeb Files
cfpQuicken Cash Flow Projection FileData Files
cfrCrossfire Replay fileGame Files
cgdCricket Graph Data FileData Files
cgiCommon Gateway Interface scriptExecutable Files
chkRecovered File FragmentsMisc Files
chmWindows Help FileText Files
chpCorel Ventura Chapter FileText Files
chtHarvard Graphics Vector FileGraphic Files
chwCompiled Help Index FileMisc Files
cli5 QCLSRS Source FileText Files
clArticons Pro Cursor Library FileGraphic Files
classJava Class FileDeveloper Files
clbICQ Contact List FileMisc Files
clgWindows Catalog FileSystem Files
cliClient Management System Customer FileData Files
clmCOLIMO file3D Files
clpiBlue-ray Disc Clip Information FileVideo Files
cmapCmap Tools Concept Map FileMisc Files
cmdCommand Prompt FileExecutable Files
cmgCMG FileGame Files
cmpSharepoint Content Migration PackageWeb Files
cmxCorel Metafile Exchange FileGraphic Files
cnfConfiguration FileSettings Files
cntHelp Table Of Contents FileSystem Files
codCompiler Program CodeDeveloper Files
cofCOFFEE Script File3D Files
colAutodesk Colour Palette File3D Files
comDOS Command FileSystem Files
conConcept Application Source FileWeb Files
confConfiguration FileSettings Files
configConfiguration FileDeveloper Files
contPanasonic Camcorder FileMultimedia Files
cosCreatures Source Code FileGame Files
cpfClever Cache Profile FileMisc Files
cpiAVCHD Clip InformationVideo Files
cppC++ Language Source Code FileDeveloper Files
cprCubase Project FileAudio Files
cptCorel Photo-Paint Image FileGraphic Files
crIris CT Bitmap FilesGraphic Files
cr2Canon Raw Image FileGraphic Files
crashMac OS X Crash Log FileSystem Files
crcTotal Commander CRC FileMisc Files
crdownloadGoogle Chrome Temporary FileMisc Files
crtxMicrosoft Chart Template FileSpreadsheet Files
crwCanon RAW Image FileGraphic Files
crxChrome Extension FilePlugin Files
csVisual C# Source FileDeveloper Files
csdCompact Shared Document FileDocument Files
csfAdobe Colour Settings FileGraphic Files
csoCompressed ISO Image FileDisk Image Files
cssCascading Sheet Style FileLayout Files
csvComma Seperated ValuesData Files
ctContinous Tone FileGraphic Files
ctgCanon Catalog FileAudio Files
ctlMicrosoft Visual Basic Control FileDeveloper Files
cttMessenger contacts fileData Files
cueCue Sheet FileDisk Image Files
curWindows Cursor FileSystem Files
cursorfxCursorFX Graphic FileGraphic Files
curxpthemeCursorXP Theme FileGraphic Files
cvaACD Canvas Sequence Set FileGraphic Files
cxfGoogle Picasa Collage FileMisc Files
cxtProtected Cast Member FileDocument Files