File extensions that start with the letter "I"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
i00DVD Shrink Seperation FileDisk Image Files
i01Disk Image Split FileDisk Image Files
i3dMicrografix Simply 3D File3D Files
iafOutlook Account FileSettings Files
iamAutodesk Inventor Assembley File3D Files
ibdInstaller Dialog Resource FileMisc Files
ibpIsobuster Image FileDisk Image Files
ibqIsobuster Managed Image FileDisk Image Files
ibtIBtracer FileGame Files
icaCitrix Independent Computer Architecture FileSettings Files
icdSafeDisc Encrypted Executable FileEncrypted Files
icfConexant ADSL Modem Configuration FileSettings Files
iclIcon Library FileMisc Files
icmImage Colour MatchingSettings Files
icnsIcon FileSystem Files
icoIcon File FormatGraphic Files
ics iCalendar Calendar FileData Files
idLotus Notes User ID FileMisc Files
id2Windows Live Messenger Emoticon FileData Files
idclInventor Desktop Content FileData Files
ideInventor iFeature File3D Files
idfInstrument Definition FileAudio Files
idlkInDesign Lock FileSettings Files
idnInfrared Digital Negative FileGraphic Files
idxIndex FileSystem Files
iffInterchange File Format FileData Files
ifoDVD Information FileVideo Files
ifpKnowledgeman Script FileDeveloper Files
ifxRational XDE FileDeveloper Files
igsInternational Graphics Exchange Specification FileCAD Files
iifQuickbooks Interchange FileData Files
iksInSeine Document FileMisc Files
imaFloppy Disk Image FileDisk Image Files
imageDisk Copy Image FileDisk Image Files
imgImage FileDisk Image Files
impAudition Convolution Reverb Effect FileAudio Files
inCFAST Input FileMisc Files
incInclude FilesDeveloper Files
indAdobe InDesign Document FileLayout Files
inddAdobe InDesign File FormatDesktop Publishing
indexIndex FileMisc Files
infSetup Information FileSettings Files
infoZoomBrowser Index FileGraphic Files
iniWindows Initialization FileSettings Files
initWebMoney Temporary Key FileMisc Files
inpAbaqus/CAE Input FileCAD Files
insInspiration FileData Files
installInstallation Text FileText Files
intBorland Delphi Interface FileDeveloper Files
inxInDesign Export FileDesktop Publishing
ionDescription FileText Files
ipIconPackager Icon Set FileGraphic Files
ipaiPod/iPhone Application FileExecutable Files
ipdBlackBerry Backup FileBackup Files
ipsPatched Game FileGame Files
ipswIPod/IPad/IPhone Software FileArchived Files
iptAutodesk Inventor Part File3D Files
iriIR Image FileGraphic Files
irpInfraRecorder Project FileMisc Files
irxBrewer Irradiation FileData Files
isnInstaller Source FilesMisc Files
isoDisk Image FileDisk Image Files
issInstallShield Silent Response FileSettings Files
isuInstallShield Uninstaller Script FileExecutable Files
iszISO Zipped FileDisk Image Files
itc2iTunes Album Data FileGraphic Files
itdbiTunes Database FileData Files
ithmbiPhone/iPod Thumbnail FileGraphic Files
itlMusic Library FileData Files
itrIcy Tower Replay FileGame Files
itxITX Form TemplateData Files
iwdCall of Duty Game Data FileGame Files