File extensions that start with the letter "S"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
sSource Code FileDeveloper Files
safariextzSafari Extension FileMisc Files
saiBWA Output FileMisc Files
salSORITEC Data FileData Files
samAmi Pro Document FileText Files
satStandard ACIS Text FileText Files
savSaved Game FileGame Files
saveDoom 3 Saved Game FileGame Files
sbCreative Compressed Sb16 Sbide FileSystem Files
sbfSmartBroker Pro Data FileData Files
sbjMicrografx Clipart or Palette FileGraphic Files
sccScenarist Closed Caption FileText Files
scfSimTown Effects FileGame Files
scfKai´s Photosoap Image FileGraphic Files
scfCommand Shell FileSystem Files
schSchematic Capture Binary FileDeveloper Files
schematicMCEdit FileGame Files
scmScreenCam Movie FileVideo Files
scmStarcraft Map FileGame Files
scmScript-Fu FileMisc Files
scnPinnacle Studio Scene FileVideo Files
scriptDesktop DNA Application Script FileMisc Files
scsSimCity Societies Saved Game FileGame Files
sdbWindows Compatibility Solution Database fileSystem Files
sdcMicrosoft Secure Download Cabinet FileArchived Files
sdfIconics Symbol Library FileGraphic Files
sdiSingle Document InterfaceMisc Files
sdrSmartDraw Image FileGraphic Files
sdsChart Application Document FileDocument Files
se!ScopEdit ProjectDeveloper Files
sedSelf Extraction Directive FileArchived Files
selSelection Mask FileMisc Files
setProgram Settings FileSettings Files
settingsMicrosoft Visual Studio Settings FileDeveloper Files
sevSevenUp Picture FileGraphic Files
sf2Creative Labs Soundfont FileAudio Files
sfbHP Soft Font FileMisc Files
sfcSystem File Checker FileSystem Files
sfcacheReadyBoost Cache FileSystem Files
sfdSpline Font Database FileText Files
sffFritz Fax Document FileDocument Files
sfkSony Sound Forge sound fileAudio Files
sflSoundforge Sound Data FileAudio Files
sfoCuteFTP Search FileSettings Files
sfvSimple File VerificationData Files
sfxSelf Extracting Archive FileArchived Files
sgfStarOffice Graphical Document FileMisc Files
sgmStandard Generalized Markup Language FileDocument Files
shBash Shell FileDeveloper Files
sh3dSweet Home 3D File3D Files
shaCorelDraw Shader FileGraphic Files
shaSystem Management Server Hierarchy FileSystem Files
shaShell Archive FileArchived Files
shdMicrosoft Windows Shadow FileMisc Files
shpArcView Shape FileGeographical Files
shsShell Scrap FileData Files
shtmlServer Side Include FileWeb Files
shxShape Index Format FileGeographical Files
sibSibelius Score FileMisc Files
sidMrSid Image FileGraphic Files
sidCommodore 64 Music FileAudio Files
sifSetup Installation FileSettings Files
sigSignature FileText Files
siiSoftinterface Conversion Job FileText Files
simAurora Image FileGraphic Files
sims2packSims 2 Downloaded Package FileGame Files
sims3packSims3Pack Archived FileArchived Files
sisSymbian Installation FileMisc Files
sisxSymbian Installation FileMisc Files
sitStuffit ArchiveArchived Files
sitxStuffit SITX Compressed FileArchived Files
skbGoogle Sketchup Backup File3D Files
skinSkin FileMisc Files
skmGoogle Sketchup Texture File3D Files
sknSymbian OS Skin FileMisc Files
skpSketchup File3D Files
skudefC & C Red Alert 3 Modding FileFonts Files
sldprtSolidWorks Part File3D Files
slfBitdefender FileMisc Files
slfSymantec Licence FileMisc Files
slnVisual Studio Solution FileMisc Files
smcSuper Nintendo ROM Image FileGame Files
smdSega Mega Drive ROM FileGame Files
smiSelf-Mounting Disk ImageDisk Image Files
smilSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language FileVideo Files
smsSega Master System ROM FileGame Files
smtSamsung Mobile Telephone Theme FileSettings Files
smtScrapbook Max Template FileGraphic Files
smtmpSmtmp VirusExecutable Files
smvMatlab FileDeveloper Files
snpMicrosoft Acess Report Snapshot FileData Files
soApache Module FileSystem Files
solFlash shared object FileSettings Files
sonyvidSony Video FileVideo Files
sp2Various Games FilesGame Files
sp3Quake 2 32bit Sprite Builder FileGame Files
spbSpareBrains FileMisc Files
splMicrosoft Windows Spool FileMisc Files
spoSPSS Data Output FileData Files
sprHalf Life Sprite FileGraphic Files
sprSprint Document FileDocument Files
spsIBM SPSS FileData Files
spxSpeex FileAudio Files
sqlStructured Query Language Data FileData Files
sqliteSQLite Database FileData Files
sqmService Quality Monitoring FileSystem Files
squashfsSquashFS FileSystem Files
sr0SecuROM Analysis FileMisc Files
srcSource Code FileDeveloper Files
srfSony RAW Image FileGraphic Files
srmKega Fusion RAM FileGame Files
srtSubtitle FileText Files
ssaSub Station Alpha Subtitle FileVideo Files
ssfSnagit FileGraphic Files
st3Star3 Karaoke FileAudio Files
staAdobe Photoshop Match Colour Image Statistics FileGraphic Files
statStatus FileMisc Files
steamstartsteamstartMisc Files
step1 Step Backup FileBackup Files
stgActiveSync Backup FileBackup Files
stkPivot Stickfigure FileGraphic Files
stoPro 100 Project File3D Files
stpSTEP FileData Files
stpSharepoint Web Site Template FileWeb Files
strdBASE Structure List Object FileData Files
stringsText String FileText Files
styLaTeX Style FileLayout Files
subCloneCD Sub channel Data fileDisk Image Files
suoSolution User Options FileDeveloper Files
surTopocad Survey Data FileGeographical Files
svdMicrosoft Word Autosave FileBackup Files
svgScalable Vector Graphics File FormatGraphic Files
svgzCompressed Scaleable Graphic FileGraphic Files
sw2Softwrap Licence Control FileEncrypted Files
swfSWFWeb Files
swiadOptivum Certification FileMisc Files
swmSupportworks ESP Message FileMisc Files
sxcOpen Office Spreadsheet FileSpreadsheet Files
sxcStarOffice Spreadsheet FileSpreadsheet Files
sxwStaroffice Writer Document FileText Files
synSYN FileMisc Files
sysSystem FileSystem Files