File extensions that start with the letter "N"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
n64Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image FileGame Files
navMSN Application FileSystem Files
nbfBackup Now Backup FileBackup Files
nbhROM Update Utility Image FileDisk Image Files
nbuNokia PC Suite Backup FileBackup Files
ncMastercam FileCAD Files
ncdNero CoverDesigner Document FileGraphic Files
ncfSteam Configuration FileGame Files
nd5NDS Renamed FileGame Files
ndifNew Disk Image FileDisk Image Files
ndsNintendo DS ROM Image FileGame Files
nefElectronic Format RAW Image FileGraphic Files
nesNintendo ROM Image FileGame Files
netnetViz Project FileData Files
newNew Information FileText Files
nfoInformation FileText Files
nfsNetwork File System Temporary FileData Files
nfs11saveNeed For Speed Saved FileGame Files
nhNetHack FileGame Files
nibAdobe AIR FileWeb Files
nifGamebryo Model File3D Files
njbPhoto Index FileMisc Files
nlsNational Language Support FileMisc Files
nmNumber Magic FileData Files
nm2Navitel Navigator Map FileGeographical Files
nm3Navitel Navigator Map FileMisc Files
nm3DNMR3 Input FileMisc Files
nmdsdcidnmdsdcidSettings Files
nngPioneer Avic FileMisc Files
nomediaAndroid Nomedia FileMultimedia Files
notebookSmart Notebook FileMisc Files
npfBackup Now Image FileDisk Image Files
nraAudio Compilation FileAudio Files
nrgNRG File FormatDisk Image Files
nriNero CD Compilation FileDisk Image Files
nrwNero WMA Compilation FileMisc Files
nrwNikon RAW FileGraphic Files
ns2Lotus Notes Database FileDocument Files
nsiNSIS Script FileDeveloper Files
ntWindows NT Install FinalSystem Files
nthNokia Theme FileMisc Files
ntwLode Data Network FileData Files
ntxMarine Navigation Information FileGeographical Files
numbersiWork Numbers Spreadsheet FileSpreadsheet Files
nupProgram Component Update FilesMisc Files
nvcNero Vision Project FileMultimedia Files
nvmAOLpress Help FileWeb Files
nwcNoteWorthy Song FileAudio Files
nwcAutodesk Navisworks Cache File3D Files
nzbNewzBin Index FileWeb Files