File extensions that start with the letter "M"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
mObjective-C Implementation FileDeveloper Files
m1vMPEG-1 Video FileVideo Files
m2pMPEG-2 FileVideo Files
m2tsBDAV MPEG-2 FileVideo Files
m3dCorel Motion Macro File3D Files
m3uMedia Playlist FileAudio Files
m3u8MP3 UTF Playlist FileText Files
m4aLossless Audio FileAudio Files
m4bMPEG-4 Audio Book FileAudio Files
m4pMPEG-4 Encoded Audio FileAudio Files
m4riPhone Ringtone FileAudio Files
m4vApple Video FileVideo Files
maffMozilla Archive Format FileArchived Files
magnetVuze Magnet FileMisc Files
manUnix Manual FileText Files
manifestVisual Styles FileSystem Files
mapServer side image map fileWeb Files
mapimailSend To Mail Recipient FileMisc Files
marMozilla ArchiveArchived Files
marMicrosoft Access Report FileData Files
matMATLAB Binary FileData Files
matMicrosoft Access Shortcut FileData Files
max3D Studio MAX Scene File3D Files
mbAutodesk Maya Binary Scene File3D Files
mbbManaBook FileData Files
mbmMultiBitmap filesGraphic Files
mbpMobipocket FileMisc Files
mcaMinecraft Anvil FileGame Files
mcdMathcad Document FileDocument Files
mcfMultimedia Container Format FileVideo Files
mclVectorworks Template File3D Files
mclWindows Media Center MCL FileSettings Files
mcr3D Studio Max Macroscript File3D Files
mctMusicator MIDI FileAudio Files
mdChaos Desktop Metadata FileData Files
md0Media Descriptor Segment FileDisk Image Files
md1Alcohol seperated Image FIleDisk Image Files
md2Alcohol Segment FileDisk Image Files
md3Quake 3 Arena Model FileGame Files
md5MD5 Checksum FileMisc Files
mdbMicrosoft Access Database FileData Files
mdeMicrosoft Access Compiled Database FileData Files
mdfMedia Disk Image FileDisk Image Files
mdiMicrosoft Office Document Imaging FileLayout Files
mdkKeyboard Map FileMisc Files
mdlRose Model FileData Files
mdmMario Dash Map FileGame Files
mdmTelix Modem Definition FileSettings Files
mdmpWindows Minidump FileSystem Files
mdsMedia Descriptor FileDisk Image Files
mdxDatabase Index FileData Files
meReadme FileText Files
medRSView32 Project Development FileMisc Files
memFoxPro Memory Variable FileDeveloper Files
mencWindows Mobile Encrypted FileData Files
meteMule Information FileData Files
metaRealPlayer MetafileVideo Files
metadata_never_indexMetadata Setting FileSystem Files
mfJava Manifest FileDeveloper Files
mftKaspersky FileMisc Files
mhtMIME HTML FileWeb Files
midMIDI FileAudio Files
mifFrameMaker Interchange Format FileGraphic Files
mimMIM FileMisc Files
mineMinecraft Save Game FileGame Files
mirBauhaus Mirage Data FileData Files
mixMicrosoft Image Exchange FileGraphic Files
mkvMatroska Video FileVideo Files
mldPolyphonic Ringtone FileAudio Files
mlmGroupwise Email FileMisc Files
mlsMilestones Simplicity Project FileData Files
mmbMultimedia Builder FileMisc Files
mmfSynthetic music Mobile Application FormatAudio Files
mnyMicrosoft Money Data FileData Files
moAudacity language file3D Files
mobiMobipocket E-Book FileData Files
modCamcorder Video FileVideo Files
moddPicture Motion Browser Data FileVideo Files
mofMSInfo FileSystem Files
moffPicture Motion Browser Data FileVideo Files
moiMOI Video Information FileVideo Files
movApple QuickTime MovieVideo Files
mpMultiplan Spreadsheet FileSpreadsheet Files
mp3MPEG1/2 Audio Layer 3Audio Files
mp4MPEG-4Video Files
mp7Multisim FileMisc Files
mpaMPEG Audio 2 FileAudio Files
mpbMipony Backup FileBackup Files
mpcMusepack Audio FileAudio Files
mpdMelodyne Project DocumentAudio Files
mpdMicrosoft Project Database FileData Files
mpegMPEG Movie FileVideo Files
mpgMPEG-1Video Files
mplPlaylist Data FileData Files
mplsMathcad Font FileData Files
mplsBlu-ray Information FileVideo Files
mpoMulti Picture Format Compatible file3D Files
mppMicrosoft Project FileData Files
mpqGame Data FileGame Files
mpqeStarcraft 2 Encrypted Data FileGame Files
mpsPocket Streets Map FileGeographical Files
mpsMax Payne Saved Game FileGame Files
mptmOpenMPT ModuleAudio Files
mq4MetaTrader Indicator FileMisc Files
mrcMRC Image FileMisc Files
mrkDigital Print Order Format FileMisc Files
mrt.exe._pMalicious Software Removal Tool FileMisc Files
msfEmail Summary FileMisc Files
msgEncapsulated Email MessageText Files
msiWindows Installer FileMisc Files
msmessagestoreWindows Live Mail Message Information Database FileMisc Files
msnMSN Content Plus FileMisc Files
msoWord OLE Web Page Storage Stream FileMisc Files
mssignDigital Signature FileEncrypted Files
mstWindows Installer Transform FileSystem Files
msuWindows Update FileMisc Files
mswmmWindows Movie Maker ProjectVideo Files
mtaAllShare Metadate FileData Files
mtfMotorola Theme FileMisc Files
mtsAVCHD Video FileVideo Files
mtvMTV Video FileVideo Files
muiMultilingual Resource FileSystem Files
musPlayStation 2 Music FileGame Files
mxc2Magix Musicmaker Cache FileSystem Files
mxdlMaxthon Partially Downloaded FileWeb Files
mxfMaterial Exchange Format FileVideo Files
mxlPackRat FileMisc Files
mxlMoxcel Spreadsheet FileSpreadsheet Files
mxmMagix Multimedia FileMultimedia Files
mxvMAGIX Movie Edit Pro FileVideo Files
myrMryiad Document FileAudio Files
mzpMozart Percussion File3D Files
mzpMaxscript Compressed File3D Files