File extensions that start with the letter "A"

ExtensionDescriptionFile Type
aAssembly Source Code FileDeveloper Files
aaAudible Audio FileAudio Files
aacAdvanced Audio CodingAudio Files
aaxAudible Audiobook FileAudio Files
abcActionScript Byte Code FileDeveloper Files
abkCorelDraw Automatic Backup FileBackup Files
abkKodak EasyShare Addressbook FileGraphic Files
abmAlbum fileAudio Files
abrAdobe Photoshop brush FileMisc Files
absAbsolute Database FileData Files
abwAbiword Document FileDocument Files
ac3Audio Codec 3 FileAudio Files
accdbAccess Database FileData Files
aceWinAce Compressed FileArchived Files
aclMicrosoft Office Auto Correction FileMisc Files
acmPhotoshop Command Button FileSettings Files
acsMicrosoft Ring Animated Character FileMisc Files
acs2AIMP2 Media Player Skin FileMisc Files
acsmAdobe Content Server Message FileMisc Files
actADPCM Audio FileAudio Files
actionApple Automator Action FileMisc Files
ADADOWNLOADAdobe Download Assistant Partial FileMisc Files
adbAlpha Five Database Information FileData Files
adfData Coverage FileGeographical Files
admAdministrative Template FileSettings Files
adrOpera Bookmark FileWeb Files
adxADX Encoded Audio FileAudio Files
aepAdobe After Effects Project FileMultimedia Files
aexAlpha Five Compiled FileDeveloper Files
aexAFter Effects Plugin FilePlugin Files
afsAdobe Type Manager font setFonts Files
ahkAutoHotkey Script FileExecutable Files
aiAdobe Illustrator ArtworkGraphic Files
aifAudio Interchange File FormatAudio Files
airAdobe AIR Installation Package FileExecutable Files
ajpCCTV Video FileVideo Files
al8AAA Logo Project FileDesktop Publishing
albAlpha Five Library FileDeveloper Files
alxActiveX Layout FileSettings Files
alzALZip Copmpressed FileArchived Files
amrAdaptive Multi Rate Compressed FileAudio Files
amvAMV Video FileVideo Files
amxAfter Effects Motion Exchange FileVideo Files
amxxMetamod Plugin FileGame Files
aniAnimated cursor FileSystem Files
apeMonkey's Audio FileAudio Files
apiAdobe Acrobat Plugin FilesMisc Files
apiWebOjects API FileMisc Files
apkAndroid Package FileExecutable Files
apmAldus Placeable MetafileGraphic Files
appSymbian OS ApplicationExecutable Files
applicationClickOnce Deployment ManifestExecutable Files
arcArc Lossless Data Compression FileArchived Files
arnSysinternals Saved Scan FileMisc Files
artART Image FileGraphic Files
aruMalicious FileMisc Files
arwSony RAW FileGraphic Files
arySmartStart Scripting Toolkit FileSettings Files
asActionScript Source Code FileWeb Files
ascAdobe ActionScript Communication FileDeveloper Files
asdWord AutoSave FileBackup Files
asecSecure Application FileMisc Files
asfAdvanced Systems FormatVideo Files
ashdiscAshampoo Burning Studio Image FileDisk Image Files
ashxASP.NET Web Handler FileWeb Files
asiAlpha Five Variable FileDeveloper Files
asmAssembly Source Code FileDeveloper Files
aspActive Server Page FileWeb Files
aspxActive Server Page FileWeb Files
assAegisub Advanced SubStation Alpha Subtitle FileMisc Files
ASTNintendo AST HeaderAudio Files
asxAdvanced Stream RedirectorVideo Files
at3Airport Tycoon 3 Saved GameGame Files
atnAdobe Photoshop Action FileMisc Files
au3AutoIt v3 Script FileDeveloper Files
aupAudacity Project FileAudio Files
avastlicAvast! License FileMisc Files
avdAvery Database FileMisc Files
averyAvery DesignPro Project FileMisc Files
aviAudio Video InterleaveVideo Files
avsWinamp Visualization FileMisc Files
awbAd-Aware Backup FileMisc Files
axDirectShow Filter FilePlugin Files
axdASP.NET Trace Handler FileWeb Files
azwKindle eBook FileText Files