Power DVD

Program Description

PowerDVD is a media player commercially available for Windows. There are various versions available und the names of Ultra, Deluxe and Standard dependent on functions. All versions of Power DVD support DVD viewing.



Supported File Types

icon .bup - DVD File Backup (Backup Files)

BUP files are found on DVDs and can be likened to backup files for the DVD usually in case the IFO file found in the Video_TS folder has been corrupted or... [More Information]

icon .srt - Subtitle File (Text Files)

Subtitle files that are used for DVDs or Video usually use the file extension SRT. These files contain plain text which is formatted, for Time the format of... [More Information]

icon .vob - VOB (Video Files)

DVD Video Oject or as it is better known VOB is the container file on a DVD Disc that contains the actual film data. VOB files are MPEG-2 system streams... [More Information]

icon .ifo - DVD Information File (Video Files)

DVD´s which contain movies use information files so that DVD media player Software and standalone DVD players know which files to use. These files use the... [More Information]

icon .bdm - AVCHD Index File (Video Files)

Advanced Video Coding High Definition is a format created for recording and playback in high definition. The format was created by Panasonic and Sony... [More Information]

icon .m2ts - BDAV MPEG-2 File (Video Files)

Blu-ray is a optical disc standard which is able to store up to 25GB for single layer and 50GB for dual layer media. Differences to DVD media is the size... [More Information]

icon .vro - DVD Video Recording File (Video Files)

A disc that has been recorded by a DVD Recorder has a directory in the root and in this directory is a file called VR_Movie.VRO, this file contains audio... [More Information]

icon .clpi - Blue-ray Disc Clip Information File (Video Files)

MPEG-2 transport streams(ISO/IEC 13818-1) known as Clip AV streams are contained in a BD-ROM AV specification. A Clip information file stores information... [More Information]

icon .mpeg - MPEG Movie File (Video Files)

In 1988 the Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG was created to create standards to be used in the transmission of audio and visual data which has been... [More Information]

icon .playlist - PowerDVD Playlist (Web Files)

PLAYLIST is the file format used to describe playlist files that are used by software media players to play video´s in a certain order. [More Information]

icon .mpls - Blu-ray Information File (Video Files)

Blu-ray is a optical disc format used for HD Video and was developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association. For each playlist a file with the .mpls fiel extension... [More Information]

icon .trp - High Definition Video Transport Stream File (Encoded Files)

Files that have the .trp file extension are files used for High Definition Transport Streams, these use H.264 video encoding and AC3 audio encoding. [More Information]