Various Programs

Program Description

These files usually need to be opened by the program that was used to create the file.

Supported File Types

icon .tmp - Temporary File (Backup Files)

TMP is the file extension that is used for temporary files which are found on personal computers. Temporary files are usually wither backup files or cache... [More Information]

icon .dat - DAT (Data Files)

Files that use the extension .dat usually contain data that isn't associated with a certain program, this means that to open these program you usually have... [More Information]

icon .cache - Cache File (Misc Files)

CACHE is the file format used to describe cache files,they store information for web browsers and other programs so that the data that has been used can be... [More Information]

icon .ini - Windows Initialization File (Settings Files)

Operating systems and programs often use special files that contain settings used either by the operating system or program, these files are usually written... [More Information]

icon .temp - Temporary File (Misc Files)

TEMP is the file format used to describe files that contain data that is temporarily used by programs and is normally deleted when the program is closed. [More Information]

icon .opt - Option Files (Settings Files)

Many programs allow you to set preferences and save them so that when you start the program it is configured exactly how you want it. When preferences are... [More Information]