Program Description

IsoBuster is highly specialized and easy to use CD, DVD and blu-ray (BD, HD DVD) data recovery tool.


Supported File Types

icon .bin - Cuesheet CD/DVD Image (Disk Image Files)

Bin is the file format used to describe image files of CD and DVDs that come as a Cue and Bin file, the cue files describes the tracks and other properties,... [More Information]

icon .mdf - Media Disk Image File (Disk Image Files)

CD or DVD data saved as a disc image, similar to an ISO but saved in it's format; data from the disc is stored in the MDF file, while the header and track... [More Information]

icon .iso - Disk Image File (Disk Image Files)

ISO is the file format used to describe image files based on the ISO-9660 standard, these files contain a copy of the data from the original disc including... [More Information]

icon .dmg - Macintosh Disk Image (Disk Image Files)

DMG files are used by Mac OS X and are disc image files, usually on a Windows system you will be unable to do anything with these files as they are not... [More Information]

icon .mds - Media Descriptor File (Disk Image Files)

A MDS file is a Media Descriptor File that can be generated when creating a disc image from a CD or DVD disc. The format is a binary file with the MEDIA... [More Information]

icon .img - Image File (Disk Image Files)

Disc image files from CDs and DVDs use the .img extension, these files are usually the same as .iso files, often changing the extension to .iso from .img... [More Information]

icon .nrg - NRG File Format (Disk Image Files)

NRG is the file format used to describe image files used by Nero Burning ROM, this is a proprietary format developed by Nero Burning AG. [More Information]

icon .cue - Cue Sheet File (Disk Image Files)

When tracks are stored on compact discs they can be stored in the cue/bin format. A cue sheet file which uses the .cue file extension is a text file that... [More Information]

icon .ccd - CloneCD Control File (Disk Image Files)

CloneCD is a software used for copying CD and DVDs, originally the software was developed by Elaborate Bytes until changes were made in laws regarding... [More Information]

icon .000 - Image Data Recovery File (Disk Image Files)

ISOBuster is a program for Windows that is used for data recovery from optical media and disc images, it is able to extract the tracks and sessions stored... [More Information]

icon .cdi - DiscJuggler Image File (Disk Image Files)

Padus DiscJuggler is a proprietary Software that is used for copying and authoring CD and DVds, the Software is developed by Padus, Inc. and the latest... [More Information]

icon .b5t - Blindwrite 5 Image Information File (Disk Image Files)

VSO Software is a company that develops software that can be used for copying CD and DVDs as well as converting various video formats to DVD, one of the... [More Information]

icon .dsk - Generic Disk Image File (Disk Image Files)

Generic Disc Images are a binary copy of data on a source disk which contain raw data, these files use the .dsk file extension. [More Information]

icon .ibq - Isobuster Managed Image File (Disk Image Files)

IsoBuster is a software that can be used for recovering data from CD and DVDs as well as Blu-ray, disk image files created by the program which can be... [More Information]

icon .gcd - Global CD Disk Image File (Disk Image Files)

Files that use the .gcd file extension are disk image files created using burning software Prassi Global CD developed by Prassi. [More Information]

icon .vc4 - Virtual CD/DVD Image File (Disk Image Files)

VC4 is the file format used to describe files that are a Virtual CD images, usually most Disc Burning programs can read this format. [More Information]

icon .cd - Philips/Optlmage Master Tool File (Disk Image Files)

Files that use the .cd file extension are disk images created by the Philips/OptImage mastering tool. [More Information]

icon .ibp - Isobuster Image File (Disk Image Files)

Isobuster is a program used on CD/DVD and Blu-ray for data retrieval, image files that have been created by the program have the .ibp file extension. [More Information]