Alpha Five

Program Description

Alpha Five is a IDE that allows users to develop Web applications; stores data dictionary information.


Supported File Types

icon .asi - Alpha Five Variable File (Developer Files)

Alpha Five is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which is used for the creation of Web Applications. Alpha Five stores information such as... [More Information]

icon .alb - Alpha Five Library File (Developer Files)

Alpha Software is a company that develops software that is used for creating web applications and Database solutions that are used by the applications.... [More Information]

icon .adb - Alpha Five Database Information File (Data Files)

Files with the .adb file extension are database information files used by the program Alpha Five. [More Information]

icon .ddm - Alpha Five Table Objects File (Data Files)

Alpha Five is a software used for the creation of web applications, it supports the use of Databases, AJAX and Web 2.0 plus many other features, files used... [More Information]

icon .aex - Alpha Five Compiled File (Developer Files)

The .aex file extension stores compiled code which is used by web applications created by Alpha Five Software. [More Information]