Program Description

Fontforge is an editor for editing and creating fonts in various formats.


Supported File Types

icon .fnt - Font File (Fonts Files)

Fonts are characters that show letters on a computer, usually most fonts can be either regular, italic, bold and bold italic these are all separate fonts... [More Information]

icon .sfd - Spline Font Database File (Text Files)

Font Forge is a Font editor program that is free ware and available under the BSD licence. The program is multi platform and supports various languages.... [More Information]

icon .pfb - PostScript Font Binary (Fonts Files)

Adobe uses two formats to store type 1 fonts, one of these is the PostScript Font Binary which uses the .pfb file extension which contain descriptions of... [More Information]

icon .ttf - TrueType Font (Fonts Files)

TrueType Fonts were developed originally by Apple to compete with the Type1 fonts used in Postscript, today they are the most common font type found on both... [More Information]