Nikon ViewNX

Program Description

Nikon ViewNX is an easy tool to view JPEG, TIFF and NEF files, and edit or convert NEF/RAW files. Integrates with Capture NX to adjust white balance and exposure in the browser.


Supported File Types

icon .nef - Electronic Format RAW Image File (Graphic Files)

The RAW file format used by Nikon which has the extension .nef is similar to a digital negative and contains all the the data and information captured when... [More Information]

icon .dsc - Disk Identification File (Misc Files)

Nikon is well known as a manufacturer of anolog and digital cameras and optical and imaging products. On the memory cards of many of there cameras you will... [More Information]

icon .nrw - Nikon RAW File (Graphic Files)

Some digital cameras from Nikon support RAW files which are the photos taken as seen by the sensor chip before any processing, these files use the .nrw file... [More Information]