Program Description

WinDVD is a software Media player that supports HD content films.


Supported File Types

icon .bdm - AVCHD Index File (Video Files)

Advanced Video Coding High Definition is a format created for recording and playback in high definition. The format was created by Panasonic and Sony... [More Information]

icon .plf - WinDVD Playlist File (Misc Files)

The program WinDVD is a commercial Multimedia Player originally made by Intervideo it now belongs to the Corel Corporation. Files used by this program as... [More Information]

icon .clpi - Blue-ray Disc Clip Information File (Video Files)

MPEG-2 transport streams(ISO/IEC 13818-1) known as Clip AV streams are contained in a BD-ROM AV specification. A Clip information file stores information... [More Information]