Word Perfect

Program Description

Word Perfect is a Word Processor from the Corel Corperation and is also a part of the Word Perfect Office X5 Suite.



Supported File Types

icon .prc - Corel Presentation File (Audio Files)

PRC is the file format used to describe presentation files that have been created with Corel Presentations, these files are usually slideshows. [More Information]

icon .pcx - Paintbrush Bitmap Image File (Graphic Files)

ZSoft Corperation was a software company that developed the PC Paintbrush software which uses the .pcx file extension. The program was later adapted to work... [More Information]

icon .wpd - Word Perfect Document (Text Files)

WPD is the file format used to describe text files or documents created by Corel Word Perfect a Word Processor that is stored in a proprietary format that... [More Information]

icon .dic - Dictionary File (Text Files)

Dictionary´s are usually lists of words with definitions for them and often includes the correct way to pronounce the word. Many programs that work with... [More Information]

icon .sgm - Standard Generalized Markup Language File (Document Files)

The ISO standard used to define markup languages use for documents is known as Standard Generalized Markup Language which has the .sgm file extension, this... [More Information]

icon .cmx - Corel Metafile Exchange File (Graphic Files)

Corel Presentations is a part of the Word Perfect Office suite and is used to create presentations, the program makes use of files which have the .cmx file... [More Information]

icon .uwl - User Word List File (Misc Files)

Word Perfect the word processor program from the Corel Corporation uses user dictionary's that store words that are used regularly by the user, these files... [More Information]