Grand Theft Auto series

Program Description

The Grand Theft Auto series of games are action games set in a fictional city where the player usually has to rise amongst the criminal ranks through doing various things.


Supported File Types

icon .dff - RenderWare File (3D Files)

Renderware is an API that is used for rendering 3D graphics that are found in Games and virtual worlds etc. Model files saved using the API use the .dff... [More Information]

icon .rep - GTA Replay File (Game Files)

Often in many games you are able to playback and review the actions you took at a certain period in the game. These files use the extension .rep Games from... [More Information]

icon .rpf - GTA IV Data Package File (Game Files)

Grand Theft Auto 4 uses files with the .rpf file extension, these contain data and resources used by the game. [More Information]

icon .gxt - GTA Resource File (Game Files)

Resource files used by the Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar Games use the file extension .gtx, these files contain elements needed by the game such as... [More Information]

icon .pwn - Pawn Source Code File (Developer Files)

In 1998 an open source programming language was developed by the company CompuPhase, this language was created to be a scripting language that could be... [More Information]