ACDSee Photomanager

Program Description

Is a software from ACD Systems that is used to manage and edit photo´s.


Supported File Types

icon .thm - Thumbnail Image File (Graphic Files)

THM is the file format used to describe graphic files similar in size to an icon which is used to represent larger files, they can be used in Internet on... [More Information]

icon .ico - Icon File Format (Graphic Files)

ICO is the file format used to describe graphic files known as icons that are used for various things such as folder or buttons in the Windows graphical... [More Information]

icon .tif - Tagged Image File (Graphic Files)

TIF is the file format used to describe graphic files that stores high quality images, these can be lossless due to no compression being used or lossy due... [More Information]

icon .cr2 - Canon Raw Image File (Graphic Files)

CR2 is the file format used to describe raw image files created by Canon digital cameras, the files store the data exactly as it was captured from either... [More Information]

icon .jpeg - JPEG Image File (Graphic Files)

JPEG is the file format used to describe graphic files that have been saved in the lossy compressed format created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. [More Information]

icon .bmp - BMP File Format (Graphic Files)

BMP is the file format used to describe raster image files that ared used for storing bitmap files on Windows and other operating systems [More Information]

icon .ps - Postscript File (Graphic Files)

Postscript is used in Desktop publishing and is a page description language, it uses the .ps file extension when a file is saved using the language and is... [More Information]

icon .tga - Truevision Targa Graphic File (Graphic Files)

TGA is the file format used to describe graphic files created using the image format created by Truevisionfor us in the early video software programs. [More Information]

icon .cur - Windows Cursor File (System Files)

CUR is the file format used to describe graphic or animated files that are used as pointers for the mouse in Microsoft Windows operating systems. [More Information]

icon .raw - Raw Data File (Graphic Files)

Digital Cameras especially Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras are able to store photographs in both the usual JPG format and in RAW format. RAW format... [More Information]

icon .pcx - Paintbrush Bitmap Image File (Graphic Files)

ZSoft Corperation was a software company that developed the PC Paintbrush software which uses the .pcx file extension. The program was later adapted to work... [More Information]

icon .smi - Self-Mounting Disk Image (Disk Image Files)

SMI files are found on the Mac OS 9 or older operating systems and are disc image files that can be opened and mounted. [More Information]

icon .abr - Adobe Photoshop brush File (Misc Files)

Adobe Photoshop is able to work with brushes which can be the normal traditional or in newer versions custom brushes with which to paint or make changes to... [More Information]

icon .ds - Twain Data Source File (Misc Files)

Twain is a standard that is used by devices for acquiring images such as scanners, this was originally started in 1992 as an initiative and is sued for the... [More Information]

icon .smil - Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language File (Video Files)

Multimedia presentations use a file called a Smil file which contains the information needed for the presentation and use the extension .smil A smil file is... [More Information]

icon .pct - Pict File Format (Desktop Publishing)

PCT is the file format used to describe graphic files originally used on Macintosh Computers as its standard metafile format. [More Information]

icon .crw - Canon RAW Image File (Graphic Files)

Canon produce digital cameras alongside the other Devices for Computer, printing and imaging. High end cameras such Digital Single Reflex Cameras (DSLR) and... [More Information]