Mobipocket E-Book Reader

Program Description

Mobipocket E-Book reader is a software with which you can read books in digital format.


Supported File Types

icon .mobi - Mobipocket E-Book File (Data Files)

In the digital age it is possible to read books on devices such as computers, mobile phones and devices created for reading E-Books. The earliest E-Books... [More Information]

icon .azw - Kindle eBook File (Text Files)

Amazon Kindle is a electronic eBook reader from Amazon which is able to purchase and download eBooks from Amazon. eBooks from Amazon make use of the .azw... [More Information]

icon .mbp - Mobipocket File (Misc Files)

Files with the MBP file extension are files used by Mobipocket who produce E-Book reader software which runs on PDAs, Smartphones, mobile phones and E-Book... [More Information]