Program Description

Steam is a game distribution system that includes community features as well as automatic updates for the games.


Supported File Types

icon .gcf - Steam Cache File (Game Files)

Steam is a platform used to distribute games and was developed by the Valve Corporation. It is used by many developers including many of the large... [More Information]

icon .ncf - Steam Configuration File (Game Files)

Files that use the .ncf file extension are used by Steam to copy the contents of a game to the users hard drive, the previous format had only copied certain... [More Information]

icon .vtf - Steam Texture File (Game Files)

Files that use the .vtf file extension are often used when creating mods for games that use the same engine used for Half Life as they are texture files,... [More Information]

icon .vmt - Steam Material File (Game Files)

The .vmt file extension is used by resource files for the Steam game distribution system, these files usually contain textures and other materials used by... [More Information]