Mozilla Thunderbird

Program Description

Thunderbird is an open source cross platform email program developed by the Mozilla Foundation.


Supported File Types

icon .xpi - XPInstall File (Archived Files)

The Mozilla Foundation is an organization that supports the various Mozilla projects such as Firefox, Thunderbird and various other software. Most Mozilla... [More Information]

icon .msf - Email Summary File (Misc Files)

Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation, the emails sent and received are usually stored in the users profile where there... [More Information]

icon .ldif - LDAP Data Interchange Format File (Data Files)

LDAP which means Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is used for the distribution of directory information over the internet. Uses for this can be... [More Information]

icon .mapimail - Send To Mail Recipient File (Misc Files)

Files that have the .mapimail file extension are email files that have been sent to a recipient using the "Send To" option found in the context menu, this... [More Information]

icon .mar - Mozilla Archive (Archived Files)

The Mozilla Foundation has various software such as the web browser FireFox or the email client Thunderbird, these programs as well as the others offered by... [More Information]