Outlook Express

Program Description

Outlook Express was a email program bundled with Windows operating systems up to Windows Server 2003, since Windows Vista Outlook Express has been superseded by Windows Mail and in Windows 7 by Windows Live Mail.

Supported File Types

icon .eml - Email Message File (Misc Files)

EML is the file format used to describe a saved email message created with Outlook Express or Outlook, it can contain links and attachments. [More Information]

icon .sig - Signature File (Text Files)

SIG is the file format used to describe text files that are attached to email messages and usually have the name and email address of the sender, when used... [More Information]

icon .dbx - Outlook Express E-mail Folder (Misc Files)

DBX is the file format used to describe folders that are created by Outlook Express, this folder usually contain the emails that are in the mailbox that... [More Information]

icon .mapimail - Send To Mail Recipient File (Misc Files)

Files that have the .mapimail file extension are email files that have been sent to a recipient using the "Send To" option found in the context menu, this... [More Information]