Norton Ghost

Program Description

Norton Ghost is a program that is used for backup and recovery of files and partitions.


Supported File Types

icon .001 - Norton Ghost Span File (Backup Files)

001 is the file format used to describe a span file that is created by Norton Ghost, due to limits in DOS, files above 2GB in size cannot be processed... [More Information]

icon .gho - Norton Ghost Backup File (Backup Files)

GHO is the file format used to describe backup files created by Symantec´s Norton Ghost backup program used to create backup images of hard drives and files. [More Information]

icon .ex - Norton Ghost Template File (3D Files)

Norton Ghost from Symantec is an example of programs that use the .ex file extension, these files are related to backups and in Norton Ghost are templates... [More Information]

icon .ghs - Ghost Spanned Disk File (Backup Files)

Disk Images used by the program Symantec Ghost a disc backup program which are spanned over a number of discs have the .ghs file extension. [More Information]

icon .slf - Symantec Licence File (Misc Files)

Products from the Symantec make use of licence files these have the .slf file extension and contain information regarding the licence holder for the program... [More Information]