Nero Multimedia Suite 10

Program Description

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 is a collection of three products bundled into one powerful suite. It can be used to edit video, organise media, burn to disc and backup your files. It also has various tools that can be used on music, video and photos.


Supported File Types

icon .mkv - Matroska Video File (Video Files)

MKV is the file format used to describe a container file format used for storing video files which supports the use of various codecs. [More Information]

icon .bup - DVD File Backup (Backup Files)

BUP files are found on DVDs and can be likened to backup files for the DVD usually in case the IFO file found in the Video_TS folder has been corrupted or... [More Information]

icon .nrg - NRG File Format (Disk Image Files)

NRG is the file format used to describe image files used by Nero Burning ROM, this is a proprietary format developed by Nero Burning AG. [More Information]

icon .ifo - DVD Information File (Video Files)

DVDs which contain movies use information files so that DVD media player Software and standalone DVD players know which files to use. These files use the... [More Information]

icon .bdm - AVCHD Index File (Video Files)

Advanced Video Coding High Definition is a format created for recording and playback in high definition. The format was created by Panasonic and Sony... [More Information]

icon .mod - Camcorder Video File (Video Files)

MOD is the file format used to describe video files created with various camcorders of the Everio series from JVC, FS series from Canon and D-Snap series... [More Information]

icon .nvc - Nero Vision Project File (Multimedia Files)

Nero Vision Express or Vision Extra in newer versions is a program from Ahead AG which is a part of the Nero Burning Suite of programs and is used to create... [More Information]

icon .nri - Nero CD Compilation File (Disk Image Files)

Nero also known as Nero Burning ROM which was a word play with regards to the Emperor Nero who played the fiddle whilst Rome burnt in the year 64AD is a... [More Information]

icon .ncd - Nero CoverDesigner Document File (Graphic Files)

Nero is a multimedia Suite developed by the Nero AG, one of the programs that belongs to the suite is Nero CoverDesigner which can be used to print CD/DVDs,... [More Information]

icon .nra - Audio Compilation File (Audio Files)

Audio compilation CDs created by Nero AGs Nero Burning ROM software use the .nra file extension. [More Information]

icon .nrw - Nero WMA Compilation File (Misc Files)

Nero is a software that can be used for the authoring of CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs and is available as a standalone product or as a part of Nero AGs Suite... [More Information]