Microsoft Works

Program Description

Small Office Suite from Microsoft that includes a Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Database program.


Supported File Types

icon .wps - Microsoft Works Document File (Document Files)

Microsoft Works is similar to Microsoft's Office Suite in that it has a Word Processor program, a spread sheet program and a database program, it was... [More Information]

icon .wri - Windows Write Document (Text Files)

WRI is the file format used to describe text files that have been created with the program Windows Write which was a program used for Word Processing in... [More Information]

icon .docm - Word 2007/2010 Open XML Macro-enabled Document File (Text Files)

Microsoft Word 2007 or later support the use of macro enabled documents which use the extension .docm A macro is a small application that carry´s out a... [More Information]

icon .dot - Word Document Template File (Layout Files)

The Microsoft Corporation´s Office Suite use´s the extension .dot for templates used by there Word Processing program Microsoft Word. Template´s usually... [More Information]

icon .xlr - Microsoft Works Spreadsheet File (Spreadsheet Files)

Microsoft Works is a Home Office program developed by Microsoft similar to the Microsoft Office Suite in that it contains a word processing program,... [More Information]

icon .pwi - Pocket Word Document (Text Files)

Microsoft Word documents that are createde and stored on PDA´s or Smartphones that use Windows Mobile operating systems have the extension PWI. To be able... [More Information]

icon .dic - Dictionary File (Text Files)

Dictionary´s are usually lists of words with definitions for them and often includes the correct way to pronounce the word. Many programs that work with... [More Information]

icon .wdb - Microsoft Works Database File (Misc Files)

Microsoft Works is a home productivity suite from Microsoft that contains a word processor, Spreadsheet program, Calenders as well as store other... [More Information]